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Ozone AlGore's smoke screen of "how his faith is so important to him", shows him for what he is, a Clinton supporting liar. In his last speech, Ozone AlGore attempted to convince the American people that we should consider him for president, by announcing that his favorite Bible verse was John 16:3. Of course his speech writer meant John 3:16, but Ozone AlGore nor any of his spinmeister goons are familiar enough with Scripture to have caught the error.

John 16:3
"And they will do this -
because they have not known the Father or me."

Isn't it amazing what a Far Left Liberal can get away with,
and not one peep out of the Lap Dog Media?
Remember how much air time was used trying to embarrass Vice President Quayle
for putting an 'E' on POTATO?


29 July 1999

In her second unprecedented decision, after already holding President Clinton in contempt, Federal Judge Susan Weber Wright announced Thursday that she was imposing a financial sanction of $90,000 on Bill Clinton for his "false, misleading and evasive" answers in the Paula Jones case.

Thursday night, 29 July 1999:

-- ABC's World News Tonight: After the shootings stories and the stock market dive, anchor, Peter Jennings took 22 seconds to inform viewers:
"A federal judge has ordered President Clinton to pay about $90,000 in penalties because he gave false testimony in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case. Ms. Jones will split about $80,000 with lawyers from a Dallas law firm and she'll split about $9,500 with the Rutherford Institute, the group that helped with her defense. About $1,200 will go to pay the costs to the court."

-- CBS Evening News went to the sanctions immediately after Atlanta. Anchor Roberts opened: "President Clinton is the first President ever found in contempt of court. Today the judge who cited him fined him."

Phil Jones then outlined what Judge Wright decided and showed as an example of Clinton's evasions him saying "I don't recall" when asked during the 18 January 1998 deposition if he were ever alone with Monica Lewinsky. Jones continued: "Judge Wright was so upset by Mr. Clinton's court misconduct that she ordered the President, who asked her to come to Washington for the Jones deposition, to pay for her trip [$1202 airline ticket]." Concluding with "This may not be the end of the President's problems. Judge Wright has asked the Arkansas Supreme Court's committee on professional conduct to determine whether it should also take action against Mr. Clinton."

-- NBC Nightly News. Tom Brokaw noted the heat wave, then to the sanctions: "And for President Clinton tonight another reminder that the impeachment proceedings may be over, but this case lingers on. He's now been fined for contempt of court and it wasn't just a slap on the wrist."

Lisa Myers began: "It's another first this President would prefer to forget, a $90,000 fine for what the judge calls 'false, misleading and evasive answers designed to obstruct the legal process.' In an at times stinging ruling, Judge Susan Webber Wright said she like the country is 'weary of this matter,' but 'sanctions must be imposed to redress the President's misconduct and to deter others who might consider emulating the President's misconduct.' Still, the fine could have been much worse. The President is likely to pay a steeper price in history."

She then played one of Clinton's false answers: "I have never had sexual relations with 'that woman', Monica Lewinsky, I've never had an affair with her."

She concluded:
"So this may finally be the end -- The story of Paula, the intern and the President: A $90,000 fine and perhaps a more enduring black mark in history."
This aired for 2 minutes, 20 seconds.

Since a Federal Judge has ruled that CLINTON LIED and sanctioned him for it, will the Spinmeisters and Pundits, who spent months insisting Clinton did not say anything that could be considered false in a legal sense, be confronted???

Ha! Don't count on it.


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