Liberal Democrats

To the tune of

We're liberal Democrats
And we love to spend and tax
So just sit back and relax
'til we cause you to collapse
We're liberal Democrats!

Come join us liberal Democrats we're quite a crazy lot
We'll complain about the rich while we take all that you got
You'll vote us out of office, whenever we get caught
We shun the blame it's all a game
And now you know the plot!

We're liberal Democrats
Teddy drinks and Bonior yaks
We will complain about the PACs
While we raise your income tax
We're liberal Democrats!

Meet Gephardt and Al Gore who want to rule the universe.
Whenever they're around better hold onto your purse.
Teddy chases women, we're really quite perverse.
We'll attack old Newt it's quite a hoot
How could things get worse?

We're liberal Democrats
We hate all the Republican contracts.
We'll tax you to the max
And steal the wallet from your slacks!

We'll drive you insaney
Throwing your money down the drainy
On things that are zany
We're liberal Democrats!!!

Those are the facts.

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