Amateur Radio News
11 December 1998

FCC's Hollingsworth done "TAKING NAMES"

The FCC's Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, is making his list and checking it twice. And now that he knows which hams are naughty, not nice, he's ready to take enforcement actions against the most flagrant amateur offenders. He has sent out 30 informal "warning letters" to individual operators. "Church is out now," he said. "We mean business and we're strapped in and ready to ride."

26 February 1999


The FCC has shut down for 120 days the K7IJ repeater facility on Grizzly Peak in the San Francisco Bay area and told the licensee his ham ticket could be in jeopardy. The FCC took the action by modifying K7IJ's license to prohibit repeater operation starting midnight February 28, 1999.

The FCC's Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, said that for almost a year, the repeater's control operator, Blake B. Jenkins, N6YSA, of Berkeley, CA, "has apparently not only allowed, but encouraged, use of the repeater by unlicensed operators, rebroadcast of cordless telephone calls, playing of music, and profanity and obscenity." He said extended QSOs have taken place between the control operator and unlicensed stations.

Hollingsworth said Jenkins' "actions and omissions" while control operator were under separate FCC review, along with the secondary control op, Steven R. Rossi, KE6LNH, of Novato, California.

The situation was brought to the attention of licensee, Bruce Wachtell of Carson City, Nevada, but nothing was done. Hollingsworth said in a certified letter to Wachtell February 25. "The operation of the K7IJ repeater system in this manner may reflect adversely upon your qualifications to hold a Commission license."


Hams in Ohio's Miami Valley helped search for a nine-year-old girl reported missing February 7. Erica Nicole Baker of Kettering, last seen wearing a pink raincoat, a Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt, and blue jeans, failed to return home after walking the family dog near the Kettering Recreation Complex. The dog, with leash intact, was found about three hours later.

As of February 25, Erica remained missing, according to Kettering Police. Anyone having information please call the Kettering Police, 937-296-2570


Operators at W4EHW ("Early Hurricane Warning") at the National Hurricane Center in Miami have been honored by the National Hurricane Center. The 30 operators received Certificates of Commendation in late January, presented by NHC Deputy Director Max Mayfield.

For more information, visit the W4EHW Web site, http://www.fiu.edu/orgs/w4ehw/

*+* The ARRL DXCC Desk says it's determined that documentation for operations from Burundi (9U) since 1994 was forged. The Director General of ONATEL, the communications authorities in Burundi, informed DXCC that the licenses were forgeries. The operators reportedly were expelled from the country, and the incident is under investigation by their employer.