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The World is Not Enough

The new James Bond movie, "The World is Not Enough", is being advertised, and will be in theatres soon, I haven't seen much about it, but I think that it will be cool, more on this soon....

I saw it on Friday the day it came out, and then just last Friday a second time!

It starts out like this, Bond goes into a swiss bank, he then wants to get money back from the banker, and the money belongs to this guy Mr. King. Bond is in the bank, and then he asks the banker who killed the agent that had them money, I think. The banker says that he is just a middle man, and then he tells Bond that he has the chance to walk out of the office with the money now, and the two guys beside him get out guns. Bond then has a gadgets where when he puts down the wearing part of his glasses a diversion explosion happens on something that he has set one the desk. He then gets the guys down and then has a gun pointed to the bankers head asking him once more who killed the person. The banker gets ready to tell but then someone comes by and throws a knife in his back and kills him. Then another guy gets up and holds a gun to Bond's head. Then someone with a Sniper Rifle shoots that guy. Then Bond makes it out of the office.

Then Bond gets back to headquarters which looks awesome! They are then giving the money back to Mr. King and he is putting it in a very safe place that is inside of the M16 headquarters. Then all of a sudden the money catches on fire and the guy & the money blow up and leave a large hole in the building. The reason for this is because her daughter, Electra King has switched his pin with a detonator that explodes some strip or something in the money and is set off when James Bond and M are drinking this tea, because the ice has something to do with it. Then bond runs down to where the explosion was and he almost gets blown up. He is then sitting where the hole in the wall was. Then a red targeting laser comes across his chest. It is a woman in a sea-doo that is trying to shoot him, but he ducks and she misses. He then runs through and gets into his own little sea-doo with Q running after him saying that it is not yet finished. He launches out of it over the headquarters and into the river that the woman is end and there is a boat chase. At the end of the chase Bond shoots two torpedos at the womans boat and she runs it up on shore and gets into a Hot Air balloon. Then Bond Ramps up onto her exploded her boat and hangs off a rope that is hanging from the balloon. Then the woman shoots her gun and blows up the balloon and Bond drops down, breaking his arm.

Then the song plays, which is done with oil and some with infrared.

I don't want to sit here and right the whole movie out but the whole movie is based on that this Woman Electra King killed her father and is wanting to build a pipeline that goes to Istanbul and is having this man, who has got a bullet in his head and cannot feel pain because it is messing with his senses. Then the woman is looking innocent and was ransomed at the beginning of the movie. Now she has asked M16 for help and M16 doesn't know that. Then Bond goes to their secret base and meets a woman there and then Q is also lured to the womans house(or place where she is) to be killed. Then the woman that Bond likes plan to disarm this bomb. Then they let it go off and everyone thinks that they died. Q also retires, and then Valentin Zukovsky is in it and he is helping out Bond once again and he owns a casino. But once everyone things that Bond is killed, the woman and the man plan to blow up a submarine, killing Q in the process, because it is a nuclear submarine, and blowing up Istanbul. Then Electra Kings pipeline will be able to get all of the oil out of there, getting her alot of money. The way Bond found out he was a traitor was because they both used the phrase, "There is no Point Living, If you can't feel alive." Also he knows that James Bond's shoulder is hurt, which Electra King obviously told him.

Then Bond saves the day when he chases Electra King up these stairs, saving Q on the way, and then Electra King says, "You Won't shoot me, you'd miss me." Then he shoots her and says, "I never miss". Then him and the other woman board the sub and save it by flooding the reactors and the putting the pressure up and making a Boron rod blast out and kill the man who doesn't feel pain. Then they swim out and then Bond and the woman are having it out at the end of the movie(oh yea!) and then M16 is looking for them on radar and then they see a body figure and they say, "It is getting hotter", because it is infrared. Then it shows Bond and Dr. Christmas laying togehter and Bond says, "I thought Christmas only come once a year". Then that is the end.

James Bond Will Return