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GameShark Codes


Levels W/4 Players1
Bunker W/4 Players 8002B537 0008
Archives W/4 Players 8002B537 0009
Caverns W/4 Players 8002B537 000A
Egyptian W/4 Players 8002B537 000B
Cradle W/4 Players 8002A8F7 0016
Statue W/4 Players 8002A8F7 0029
Get to the rest of some levels2
Play Full Facility 880C8784 0001
Play Full Archives 880C5F84 0001
Play Full Caverns 880CD784 0001
All Weapons3
Temple, Complex, Library, Basement, and Stack - P1 800A854C 0007
Temple, Complex, Library, Basement, and Stack - P2 800AAFCC 0007
Temple, Complex, Library, Basement, and Stack - P3 800ADA4C 0007
Temple, Complex, Library, Basement, and Stack - P4 800B04CC 0007
Caves - P1 800DA54C 0007
Caves - P2 800DCFCC 0007
Caves - P3 800DFA4C 0007
Caves - P4 800E24CC 0007
Facility - P1 800C8D4C 0007
Facility - P2 800CB7CC 0007
Facility - P3 800CE24C 0007
Facility - P4 800D0CCC 0007
Bunker - P1 800B9D4C 0007
Bunker - P2 800BC7CC 0007
Bunker - P3 800BF24C 0007
Bunker - P4 800C1CCC 0007
Archives & Cradle - P1 800CDD4C 0007
Archives & Cradle - P1 800D07CC 0007
Archives & Cradle - P1 800D324C 0007
Archives & Cradle - P1 800D5CCC 0007
Caverns - P1 800C654C 0007
Caverns - P2 800C8FCC 0007
Caverns - P3 800CBA4C 0007
Caverns - P4 800CE4CC 0007
Egyptian - P1 800F354C 0007
Egyptian - P2 800F5FCC 0007
Egyptian - P3 800F8A4C 0007
Egyptian - P4 800FB4CC 0007
Statue - P1 800C654C 0007
Statue - P2 800C8FCC 0007
Statue - P3 800CBA4C 0007
Statue - P4 800CE4CC 0007


1 This code is pretty much self explanatory. All you have to do is set it on, go to the level, and the set the settings. Then all you have to do is press start. For the Cradle and Statue, you don't have to set with the level. It doesn't appear on the list, but when you start the multiplayer game, you will be in the one you selected.
2 With this code you select the level that you selected the code for and go to the last door that is locked and you can't get through. Then you hit the gameshark button. The door will blow up(It won't kill you). Then the door will be all black and you can go right through it to the rest of the level
3 With this code you have to go to the level that you selected that all weapons and the player that you selected to have all weapons for will have all weapons. All 4 players can get all weapons. Works well with infinite ammo. Simple.