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Steve's Biography

Part I - My Introduction To Video Games

Ok, I will start with my video gaming history start. I remember that my mom and dad broke up when I was young, and my dad lived with his mom and occasionally picked my sister and I up in the car over the weekend and brought us there. I was only about 5 at the time. My dad was taking us to visit him for a weekend one time and told us about this game he had where you were a man out in a field hunting ducks, "Duck Hunt" was the game by the way. He also said that he had one with a little man that ran through levels, "Super Mario Bros. 1", I couldn't wait to begin playing the games. Well, when we got there, I suddenly realized that I hated to lose. I didn't want to lose to my sister in any way. I also began liking "Duck Hunt" more than "Super Mario Bros." My sister was good at "Super Mario Bros." and I didn't want to lose, I also really like "Duck Hunt". After a while I began to play "Super Mario Bros." to test it out and try to make fun with it. I played it all by myself one day and really liked it. The next time I played with my sister, she was surprised. Whoo hoo, I had Insta-Talent! She began to dislike playing with me because I would play all the time, and she wouldn't get any time to play. So here started my career of video games.

Part II - Getting my own system

In not to much time, my dad had got back together with my mom, giving me the Nintendo in my house. To play it at any time, well almost, It was in my mom's and dad's room.

Part III - Computer Games

This was one of the most awesome things when my mama got a computer, which she got when I was 6, so you can just imagine how slow a computer it was. I wanted to make games from the second I saw these games, like an old DOS game called Mars, that I eventually beat. I started to draw "mazes", or 2D levels on sheets of paper, that would have actually made awesome 2D side scrolling levels =).

Part IV - A New Game

Oh yea, a new game comes out, "Super Mario Bros. 3", actually I missed "Super Mario Bros. 2", oh well. Anyway, this was a new challenge to me, and my mom and dad had seperated again. I never go to beat "Super Mario Bros. 1" however I constantly played "Super Mario Bros. 3". I was very determined to beat it. My dad had gotten the strategy guide for the game, so I knew where 2 whistles were from it. This made the game hela-easier. I didn't have to complete the whole game. The first time I beat the game was late on night when my first cousin and I (She is about 30 and had developed a liking to "Super Mario Bros. 3".) It was late one night I remember specifically, and we had a weight machine in our living room that I was sitting on and playing. Bowser's world did provide quite a challenge, especially the flying ship that is after the hands, and land 1. I got past both those obstacles, cleverly found out how to beat Bowser and beat the game. My cousin really wasn't much help, because the lands that she beat, I could have beat anyway. =)

Part V - A New System

the new system, as you may have guessed the new system was Super Nintendo, but did I get Super Nintendo? No I didn't, like a fool I got the Sega Genisis. Why, you ask? It looked cool. Oh well, I got to get used to another controller, I realized how hard it is to switch between two different contollers. The first game I got was "Aladdin", I beat this game after a while but didn't like it, I also got "The Lion King", which I simply loved because I loved that movie then. I got "Sonic 1", and "Sonic 2", Sonic 2 came with the system. I also go "Mortal Kombat II". Oh man, was that game ever good. I liked it sooo much. I got another controller, a turbo contoller, so that I could VS people. That was the lousiest piece of crap controller, It messed up about 2 weeks after I got it, the B, C, and DOWN button quit working, I was sooo mad. I could still beat my sister using the defective controller, though =).

Part VI - Add On To My System

My next system was just an add on to the Sega. It was the Sega CD, but by this time my AC adapter was getting a short, as with many other people's systems who I have talked to, I hated it. Not only did the Sega CD suck, the way it was messing up did, too. My first game was Sewer Shark, It had awesome graphics, like almost real and great video, but no control for a game. My next game that my mom got, was Power Rangers, and you can imagine how freakin' much I liked that - 0%. So, here ended my relation with Sega, and Sega CD.

Part VII - The Supreme System

One day, I went to Wal-Mart, and saw a whole new system on display. Man this was awesome, 3D, It was to good to be true, of course I had heard the commercials about it but I never believed you had sooo much control and it was that awesome. I played Super Mario 64, and loved it, I played Whomps Fortress, and Bomb-Omb battle land, I had to leave the store though, and looked forward to playing it the next time I came to the store. Well, the next time I went to Wal*mart there was a new game there, "Mariokart64". I despised that game, only for taking the place of the "Super Mario 64" game that I wanted to play so bad. I eventually saved up and got a N64, whoo hoo, there we go, now that's some good quality video gaming! I got Super Mario 64, and loved that game. The next game I got that I dislike the most of all of my games is "Star Wars" for $70. It cost me the most of any of my 64 games, and I dislike it the most, how ironic. the next game was "Goldeneye", probably one of the best games ever, if not the best. The only thing I didn't like is that it was made by Rare, the same makers of Donkey Kong, ewwww. Oh well, the game was still awesome, and It also turned me into a Bond fan. The next game I got was "Mariokart64". The reason I got that game was because my dad had a Super Nintendo and had Super Mario Kart, and I loved that game, and so did my sister. She wasn't as good as me though, but this was like the first game, since "Super Mario Bros. 3" that she enjoyed. I decided that since I couldn't have my dads Super Nintendo, I had to get my own Mariokart game. "Mariokart64", which I didn't like at first because it is so different from "Super Mario Kart", but now I like it better than "Super Mario Kart". My Mariokart64 Site. I am ranked about #50 in the world at that game. The next game I got was StarFox for one reason, I thought It had a 2 player cooperative mode. Once I found out it didn't I didn't like the game. The next game was Zelda 64, I played it at the store, and loved it, but at the store the Saved man was at Kakiriko Village, and when I got my game and started out in Kokiri Forest, I was mad. I quicky found out how to get to the Village though. This game wasn't ranked the best by me of the Zelda series, the one I really like was the one on Game Boy, "Zelda: Links Awakening". The next game I got was "MarioParty" mainly to play Multiplayer on because one player is pretty boring, especially when the computer cheats you bigtime, heh heh. I earned all of the mini games and currently hold the WR for both of the slot car derbies, and Bobsled Run. The Next game was "Super Smash Bros." that is my newest game. It is an awesome game! I didn't think It was going to be this good, but it is very fun. One of the funnest 64 games I am sure. My future 64 plans are to get a Gameshark, I used to have one but I lost it at my mama's house, oh it's a long story, but anyway, it was 1.09, It had kind of crashed, but still worked with Goldeneye and MarioKart64, and there will be no more updates on Gameshark 2.0 or lower as of some date in October and I probably won't get it back in time, so I want to get a Gameshark, because I recently went to a few sites with awesome "Goldeneye" Gameshark codes, and awesome "Mariokart64" codes.

Part VIII - My sites and Emulators

I was very interested in making my own site, so went to work, learning HTML which was really easy. I also want to learn Javascript. Emulators come in for screen shots to post on my websites and just to play the games on my computer. So far, though I haven't found any good N64 emulators, just Super Nintendo, and Nintendo ones.

Part IV - Future Plans

My future plans are to improve my site, learn Javasript, QBASIC, PASCAL, and C++, in that order. As for my Video gaming future, I want to get the Dolphin but know it will be about $300 dollars, well maybe, but we can't say the 64 wasn't expensive when It first came out, now can we? I also want to improve my times on "Mariokart64" and get to the elite rankings.