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Good evening ladies, gents, or whatever else has wondered onto my page. I am Penny and I am currently 20 but not for much longer. The pic above is an old pic of me but well you get the gest of what i actually look like. Well I am guessing you would like to know a littl about me so I guess I will spill some beans. I am currently engaged to the most wonderful on earth and our anniversary is coming up on the 29 of September. We will be celebrating our 1st year together, which by the way, is the longest relationship I have ever had. Anywho, I am a carefree person that really loves to have fun. I love to sing play the piano, laugh, tell jokes, talk, paly computer games, and spend a lot of time with my b/f. I also like to read and just do pretty much anything. I have lived through a lot in my life and I hope to live through a lot more, just hopefully a lot happier times. My parents died when I was 15 so I lived with my grandmother for a few more years. I have been on my own since i was 18. Well anywho. I love to sing. I guess that is why I created this page to begin with. I hope to one day become a singer. That is like my life's dream. I have written 2 songs, and yes my boobs are real...LOL. Ok so I had to add that in. Well I am living in the grand State of Nevada where the sun always shines, Literally. Well lets, see, umm, Larry is my fiance's name, and he is really the love of my life. I get asked a lot how did I know that I found love. My answer to that question is that I just knew. From the first that I laid eyes on him, I knew. And I hope to be with him for the rest of my life. If ya wann know what he looks like well i will have to describe. He is 6'4, dark black-brown hair, sea green eyes, and just handsome. He is a gaming and trivia nut. Believe me! Of his family he has 2 sisters and a brother. Very sweet indeed. He had another sister but she was Killed in an accident when she was 18, she would have been 20 this December. And for her alone, I will take a smal moment of everyday to think of her or do something in memory of her. She was a very influential person. May you always rest in pease CJ. Well I am really running out of thoughts but if you would like to contact me I have several ways of doing so.First, ICQ=40768659 , AOLIM=femcat4u2 , YAHOOPAGER= blossomthorn , MPLAYER=blossomthorn . Well I am off but at least I have updated a little and hopefully soon for those who keep wanting us to get pics made we will and I will then add them to the page so goodbye for now and I hope to see or talk or whatever to you soon!!!

For those who love and dream, may all the world fall directly at their fingertips. For those who have never seen the light of day, may the one morning wake up with a whole new perspective of light shining on them. And for those who have never felt a breath of peace or satisfaction, may the wake up with the hunger for knowledge and be full of what they learn. And for the ones that continually complain may their eyes be open to the truly hurt and hungry so that they will shut their mouths and finally be thankful for what they have.

IF you want to help me or would like to be possibly considered as part of my band. I would love that. I am looking for people who like a wide variety of music but mainly influenced by people like Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Leann Rhimes, Monica, and etc. I hope that we can meet. It really doesn't matter where your from. I don't guess. I hope that we can talk soon and let's get the world spinning with the only key to real happiness!!! MUSIC!!!! Thanx for reading. I hope to talk to you soon.

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