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The Quest


He'd plumbed the oceans depths much further than

He ever had before. The ocean floor was in

His view, it's flora and it's fauna plain

To see. Among these was the prize he sought:

An oyster, with a pearl to take and give

To his true love, the girl in white with flame

Red hair and kindness in her bright blue eyes.

He swam down further toward the object of

His quest and reached with eager hand to grasp

The pearl. "She'll be so pleased" he thought. But things

Just then went very wrong. His oxygen

Was low. And when he tried to lift the pearl

It seemed to weigh a ton, at least much more

Than such a small thing should. He struggled hard

To breathe and struggled to pick up the pearl.

And then he found he was not where he thought

He was. His hand did not contain the pearl.

Instead it grasped the railing of his bed.

A nurse came in. Her flame red hair was in

A bun but all the kindness in her bright

Blue eyes shined through. She fixed his breathing tubes.

"You gave us quite a scare" she said, and then

She gave his hand a gentle squeeze and left.


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