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Michaels' Rant

info... (3/10/03) i've quit doing any work on this site for good, well, i did, 5 months ago. my new website is and i keep it much more updated.

Updated stuff (8/14/02) finnally felt sorry for this underdeveloped website, i fxed hobby section, every thing is still not on there but i need to learn CSS before i work on it any more. I've completely redone (my moms website) and can't wait to go back to school sunday. all my hemp work scans have been put up off a link from the hobbies page. family is really driving me crazy. new car(kia spectra) is in shop because i'm dumb. got alot of my stuff packed. kinda funny looking at my last rant, got my mp3 playing dvd player playing constantly. one year of college at appstate is through and i got all As both semesters, for the first and secound time ever in my life respectively. i desperatly need a job in boone, i have rent and car payments now, hurrah.

Last real day of school! (5/24/01) 3 periods left then one exam tommorrow, then i'll finally be through of this crap! moved old rants into archive section. Right now i'm listening to Moby - play. thats the other cd i carry around with me. which reminds me, i need to get a discman, i'm like the only person i know w/o a portable cd player (well, discluding my boombox i've had for like 6 years) even so... i need to get one for car trips... mainly going up to college. i use my playstation to play music cds at home, so i have to keep the tv on, and that not fun. and the psx cd player is gay, being like 5 years old it lacks the newer features that i would enjoy, and the dc cd player skips like a mofo. i'll have to remember to listen to music this summer, if i don't remember, then there will not be any music, and thats no fun. I primarily listen to electronica music, and of that its mostly trance, but thats only cause thats whats most available (the trance i mean), i have this huge stack of burnt electronica cds at home (about 60 or 70 discs). i think i've heard them all atleast once but i'm not positive on that. but that still is one hell of a lot of music. like 3 days straight... damn. maybei could get one of those 100 slot cd changers... that would be phat as hell, i could leave it on constantly. i'm going to go look into getting a domain name from mindspring now... later.

Update (5/23/01) added the Stuff section.

More Stuff... (5/23/01) looking back over what i wrote monday... its kinda depressing how bad i type... but funny at the same time... hahaha. anyway, i'm back in computer science listening to my radiohead cd to drownd out the noise of the class. i've got my yummy foodlion brand tortilla chips (only 99 cents w00t!) and whats left of my 2L coke from lunch. this is a good cd. I dodn't think i said before, but i passed my graduation project last friday, now if ms almond (my english teacher) would quit giving us work, then i could relax. I had a little vacation yesterday. there was a senior award cerimony followed by the senior fair day and I ::cough cough:: was unable to attend ::cough cough:: so i spent the morning sleping, then watch the movie "Bring it on" which isn't as horrible as i previously believed it would be. and man, those chicks are hot :) halfway through the movie me and my dad went to lunch at o'charlies, a resturaunt up six forks, and that was pretty good. I got a chickin sandwich with bacon and cheese. i also had potato cheese soup which was equally yummy. that was the majority of my activities that day... so today i come back to school and it sucks as usual... only 2 days left now... actually 1 and a half. i really can't wait for the gameboy advance, that thing looks cool as hell, i have hyped my self on it and now, i'm going to have to scroung up 200 or so dollars to get one with games. 35-40 dollars is way too much for gameboy games... but what can i do... steal them? no... i don't steal. I could stop typing about now butt then i'd jsut be sitting here bored. the school blocked every single video game site i can think of. but i guess its all for the better, more bandwidth for me on angelfire. hahaha. i'm gonig to have to start playing a video game soon, or i'm going to go crazy with boredom. i quit playing rpgs about 4 months ago because i had gotten sick of all of them, and anarchy-online and neocron had made all other games seem meaningless, don't want to resubscribe to everquest, asheron's call hates my dsl, and ultima online has been gayed up permenatly. I like the mmorpgs where you have total freedom, especially with pk's and such, i'm not a pk, but i thik they add alot to the experience. being a newbie running around scared to death of murders waiting behind bushes and such is fun to me. i like the concept of a virtual world rather than that of a global game. but i guess i'm fairly alone on that one. most every one is either a pk, or someone who hates the idea of them, sure i do hate the pk, but thats why i like them, they make good enemies. i like a living player to fight against so much more than a AI controled computer player. they can never behave the same. it goes the same for me with fps type games. i can't stand playing a fps in multiplayer type modes (ctf, deathmatch, etc.) against bots. its not the same experience to me. any way school is about over so i'm out.. later

Stuff (5/21/01) sill not alot of free tim. uploaded all my work from computer science this year. its kind of funny how out of an entire year in the class all of the code i typed fits into a 71kb zip file. anyway, i've got a head ache, i've going to have to miss school tommorrow... yes those 11 lunch detentions did catch up with me, and i am not sorry i did not serve them. I finally beat bomberman 64 the other day, it has a lame ending, and the hell if i'm earning all 150 gold cards, hahaha. Also been playing alot of perfect dark with my little brother. I've been getting alot of weird people msging me on icq lately... i idle all day people... well... going to go back home now... ciao

Day to Day (5/16/01) Haven't had alot of time lately. Had to program battleship for my final in computer science class, the source is in the school section. I've also been playing Front Line Force constantly. That game is awsome. Still working on my graduation project, i need to hurry, only a week and a half left of school. I can't wait... no more high school ever... :)

Updates (5/12/01) Added the hobby section today, also try to learn DirectDraw... Fun Fun Fun!

New Format (5/11/01) New format today. I got bored...

By: Michael Economy, Don't Copy Login