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Lacrosse - extremely fun team sport. I played on the Southeast Raleigh HS Lacrosse Team in the 99-00 and 00-01 seasons as number 34. I played attack on the first season and defense in the latter. I did not go on to play in college because I'm lazy primarily.
Some Good Lacrosse Sites
Great Atlantic ( - lots of great lacrosse stuff, and a store
Queen City Lacrosse - i buy a lot of equipment here, great prices

Computer Programming
I'm currently majoring in this at Appalachain state university, so i guess its not really a hobby anymore. Languages I know: c/c++, pascal, some basic, and html (does that count?). You can download some of my programs: -Michaels Mine Sweeper - winmine.exe look a like coded in c++ for my HS graduation project (source)
-console battleship game - (no source availible)I made this fairly portable, so i might show up in a gui eventually (source)
gonna be learning assm this fall, expect more fun stuff.
Some Good Programming Sites
Microsoft - msdn, good windows programming reference
Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus (book) - the book i have for learning windows/DirectX programming, really good

Video Games! - Great aren't they? I play all the good ones, when i have free time Current games i'm playing: Sega Marine Fishing, Warcraft 3
Some Good Gaming Sites
Electronics Boutique - all the newest games not very good prices
Lik Sang - importer, good
Yahoo Games - play games online for free.
My Most Wanted Games
hitman 2, planetside, starwars galaxies, worlds or warcraft

Mountain Climbing - a killer fun hobby, i started climbing with some of my suitemates in fall 2001, i'm not very good, but its still a real rush and i enjoy it alot.
Some good climbing sites - lots of good climbing info
Vertical Edge - indoor climbing gym near raleigh, very good facilies.
Campmor - great deals on outdoor stuff
Hemp things - seperate page(graphically intensive)
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