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Last updated 4-6-2002

Nick Carter
A.J. McLean
Brian  Littrell
Howie Dorough
Kevin Richardson
Fun facts

Nick Carter
    Family- Parents-Jane and Bob  Brother- Aaron , sisters- B.J. , Leslie, Angel
    birth place -Jamestown, New York (he grew up in Tampa, FL)
    Favorite color-Green
    favorite food-pizza
    favorite music groups- Nirvana, Journey
    hobbies- scuba diving, drawing
    Favorite T.V show-  Mad about you

A.J. McLean
    Family- Mom-Denise McLean
    Birth place- South Palm Beach, Florida
    favorite color-yellow
    hair-always changing colors (Naturally dark brown)
    favorite food-Mcdonalds
    hobbies-  billiards, movies, writing poetry, shopping
    describes himself as- freaky,funky,romantic
    favorite t.v. shows- Friends, Seinfield
    Favorite Book- Witches

Brian Littrell
    Family- Parents- Jackie and Harold Brother -Harold  Wife- Leighanne
    Birth place- Lexition, Kentucky
    favorite color-blue
    favorite food-cheese
    hobbies- movies, basketball
    describes himself as- humorous, athletic
   favorite actress- his wife Leighanne (how sweet :)))
   favorite movie- Sleepless in Seatle (great choice) he also likes While you were Sleeping
    High School he went to- Tates Creek High in Lexington, KY

Howie Dorough
   Family- Parents- Paula and Hoke  Brother-Jhon sisters- Angie,Caroline(passed away from  Lupus) Polly
Birth place-Orlando, Florida
favorite color-purple
hair-dark brown
favorite food-mom's and oriental
hobbies- dancing, movies
describes himself as- caring, respectful, honest
favorite Movie- The Outsiders

Kevin Richardson
    Family- Mom-Anne brothers- Tim and Jerald wife- Kristen
    Birth place- Lexintion Kentucky
    favorite color-blue
    hair-dark brown
    eyes-green (his eyes are very beautiful!!!)
    favorite food-mom's
    favorite book - Intreview with the Vanpire

Backstreet Boys
P.O. Box 369908
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Group                                                        group

Kevin                   Brian               A.J           Nick            Howie

Links to some of my favorite bsb sites
Official Backstreet boys site
Nick's Website
Howie's Website


   - AJ is engaged to his girlfriend Sarah Martin
    - BSB is currently working on a new CD is due out in September (hopefully)
    - Nick has a CD out called Before the Boys 1989-1993 it's a CD of his early perfromances as a kid.
      - AJ is selling his house in Calfronia to move into a smaller house with his fiancee some of the profit from his house is going to charity.
    - BSB is now under new management

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"Mom...well what do you say about the most wonderful,perfect,caring, loving and understanding person god ever created except that I love and care for you more than words could ever express on paper or be spoken in words. Mom I love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Thanks most of all to our fans around the world continuing to keep the Backstreet pride alive."
"If you're feeling a rage inside of you you need to talk it out instead of beating it out. You'll be a  lot better off and so will the other person."
"To our fans who are truly responsible for our success and the chance to make another album: thank you for your smiles,your tears, your love and cheers,that keep us going nonstop. You are larger than life."
"I'd like to thank you(yeah you!) the one reading this right now! Do you actually know how much you've done for us?! If not,well I'm telling you. You're the reason we live, the reason we enjoy every bit of what were doing."
                                             Nick about the fans

"Once, we threw him out of the dressing room in his underwear in
       front of a whole bunch of girls. he got real mad, but it was really funny!"
                                                                                               Brian about Nick
"Were just like brothers. We love each other like brothers, and fight like brothers,"
                                                                                      Kevin about the group
"I wanna be crazy forever  even when I'm 80!"
'" Were just trying to make good music, make people happy, and forget about their problems"

"To all our fans thank you for everything and always being faithful and honest."
"Lord bless the our fans and may they be touched in a special way."
" I had my first kiss when I was four."
"I have to have peanut butter and jam sandwiches or I can't survive,"
"I have spanish relatives so romance is in my blood"
"What we do is for them and it's something positive,"
                                                                       Kevin about the fans
"It's a Backstreet thang"
                             All of the guys have said this at one point
"With our fans we can conquer anything"
"We love you guys so much"
                                    Nick (about the fans)
"I'll buy a butt one of these days, I promise ya."
AJ and Nick getting in trouble as kids heres what thay had to say:
"It tough be the oldest you get in truoble more often. Half the time I would get grounded for stuff he (Aaron) did!"
                      Nick (Can't you just feel his pain:))))
"When I was much younger, I got a brand new pair of pants for Christmas. They were so cool, man! They were a designer Italian brand and I was so stuck on 'em that I
wanted to wear them all the time - even to the store to pick up some milk! But my mom wouldn't let me wear them except for dressy occasions, no matter how much I begged
her. So one day, I snuck out of the house in these pants to show off to my friends. We ended up messing around in the mud playing football and my prized pants got filthy. Anyway, I crept back home, went to my room and looked for a good place to hide my pants just as my mom walked in. She looked me right in the eyes and said
"AJ, were you wearing your new pants?" I was like, "No, mom!" But I'm a terrible liar and she got the truth outta me. I got grounded 'cause if there's one thing my mom hates, it's little fibbers!"
More Fun Quotes:
"I gotta call my wife"
"I'm splitting from the group and joing a punk rock band."
                                                               Kevin(His April Fool's joke)
"I think I learned to simply have patience with everyone-with your family, your friends...with yourself."
"You can take a shower&do your laundry at the same time...anyone got any fabric softener"
I hate clowns they freak me out"
"I'm probably going to say things that will get me in trouble."
                                                                                Kevin (from when he was on TRL)

Go to and you will find some very funny qoutes these guys are crazy! :)


  Fun facts
Brian is the backstreet boy most likely to go to church on Sunday.
Nick started playing the drums when he was 14.
Howie admits that he's sometimes a perfectionist.
Kevin hates people who are arrogant.
A.J. looks for a girl who is "Spontaneous, outgoing and a good personality,"
Nick's pets are a small schauzer, a golden lab, and three cats.
Howie's nick names include : Howie D, the latin lover, and sweet D.
The guys all say Brian is the most shy of the group.
The Backstreet Boys have been banned from three hotels in Europe, because their fans have gotten out of control.
A.J.'s favorite sport is billiards.
Kevin is known for his perfection.
Howie's favorite sport is water skiing.
Brian's favorite sport is basketball which explains his nickname "B-rok"
Kevin's nickname is train.
A.J.'s nickname is Bone
Kevin is the only BSB member who is left handed
Brian loves having coffee with his wife
Nick is the messiest of the group. I 've also heard it's  Brian or AJ
Howie hopes to get married someday and have three kids
Brian wants 2-4 kids
Nick is alleric to cats, but still has them as pets
BSB loves their fans
AJ's mom gets mad at him when he get's tatoo's
BSB got together in 1993