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If you don't have enough self respect to treat yourself to Disneys 36th Animated Feature, MULAN, then get to a theater, buy a ticket!!! YOU DISHONOR ME AND THIS PAGE!!!! Alright, let me lay off and give you the skinny.... dishonor to you! Sorry, must be the Mushu in me!

If it needs to be said, Mulan is the story of a young girl living in ancient China who joins the army, disguised as a man, in place of her father. A crippled war hero already. She steals his armour, leaves in the night, in search of honor and her true place in life. Yeah, and of course, protect China and the fam... that bit.

On a critical note I must say that I throughly enjoyed Disney's newest flick. The most beautiful and well developed animated show since the Lion King. Revolving mainly around honor and the sort, Disney lays off from the gushy-mucky love stuff for a change. But even though it lacked the oh-too-cliche famous kiss scene, Mulan does not fail to move viewers to tears. Good flick, really, go see it!!! This is going to be a choppy little bit, but as for art, Mulan surpasses all! Following in the yearly Disney tradition. I guarentee you that the opening scene on it's own will have your eyes bulgin' out. Be you an artist, fan or the like. Hmmm..... let me wrap this up until I open my own major page. Good movie, go see it... or dishonor, dishonor, dishonor. Ok, let me climb back off my soap box....

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