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Ancestors of Marcia Stocks
Welcome to Generations of Ancestors Lost and Found

Welcome to "Generations of Ancestors Lost and Found". My name is Marcia Stocks and I've been researching my ancestry for several years. These pages contain information of Ancestors of the Donahue, Titsworth, Briner, Avery, Stocks, Suggs families, and others that are discovered along the way.

You can enter by clicking on the link below, or Here. Some of the pages on this site are graphic intense and may take a few minutes to load. Please be patient and give these pages time to load fully.

There is a site map on the page you enter. Left Click on the link (on the map) that you want to visit and it will take you to the page with information on the link you clicked. For example, if you want to read about "Stocks", click on the name "Stocks", for "Briner", click on "Briner", etc. Other surnames here are: "Meyers" (I've been told that it was also spelled as "Myers"), "Titsworth", and "Avery". I am also researching on surnames: "Reese", "Suggs", and "Walker". My research is for both my mothers side of the family [Donahue & Reese], and my fathers side [Stocks & Avery].

**NEW**   Information on the Reese Family! Click "Reese" on the image map (on the page you see after you click the link "Click Here to Enter").

I hope you enjoy your visit and return often. Thank you Marcia.

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Last Update: August 12, 2007

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