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Did YOU meet Leslie?

Have you ever been so Lucky to have met Leslie Carter? What did you think? Please email me your encounter with her and I will put it on my page, or you can sighn my dreambook and tell me about it!! But for now here's a few stories of some people who did meet Leslie Carter!!

Aguest 2000 Hi this is shannon! I recently met Leslie carter on the Nick tour at the autograph session table and she was so increadiably nice to me and all her fans, she posed for pictures sighned autographs and was just so great! she proformed only one song, I need to hear it from you and she had a few back up dancers that were so great! heres her autograph and a picture she posed for! thanks!

febuary 22nd, By Tamara:
Leslie Carter ROCKS! Her performance was awessome! First off, Aaron was on stage, and then Jane came. She said "Another one of my Carters is also a singer" and I started SCREAMING! Of course, I thought it was gonna be Nick. It wasn't. But, it was someone just as good. LESLIE! She came on, and sang "Do You Wanna Be My Boy? Cuz I Wanna Be Your Girl" It was so good! She has such a great voice! Then, when she was done Aaron came back on stage and gave her a BIG hug. It was the sweetest moment! They bowed together, and then Leslie left the stage. The night rocked! Tamara

***heres a story from my friend Amy who actully knows Leslie!

I personally know Leslie. Me and her played to together as little kids. We are about the same age...I'm a little older, but not by much. Any way I remember when I was real little, maybe 6 or so, I would go over to the Carter house and play, Nick was always playing Nentendo and Aaron would just sit and watch hoping that Nick would let him play, B.J. and Angel was playing with barbie's, and Leslie and Me usually swam in the pool, played hide & seek, of go in the climbing tree and talk. Me and Leslie were best friends, and we still are. When she moved was real sad for me, but we had each other's e-mail adress, and she would call every now and than. In fact, now, we still talk...not as much as we did, but we still talk. She is REAL busy with Dream Works right now. She told me that she had to drop school and get a toutor so she could be home more. Toutoring still goes as the same time as school, but now she is home. After toutoring she goes stright to Dream Works. There is singing and acting. She told me that she usually doesn't get home from DW until 11pm, then she does homework, e-mail, ect. Then goes to bed and does it all over again...waking up at 5:45 to get ready. So I only talk to her through e-mail and phone...when she is free (like I'll have no school one day, so she will call me in the middle of toutoring) She is such a sweetie!!! She doesn't get mad that easy either...even when she is mad, she is still REAL nice about it. She is the BEST!!! We are BEST FRIENDS!!!!!! She is like a sis. to me. Any how...that is how I know Leslie Carter. Well, See Ya! ~Amy~

My story of when I met Les
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