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About me!

Well, since you came here, you probably want to know a little more about me, and if you dont then oh well*L*
Name- Jessica Marie Rogers

where I live- Edmonton Alberta Canada

Grade- Grade 9

School-St. Elizabeth Seton (Its a catholic school)

what i look like- Hmm i'll put a pic up of me sooner or later

fav band- backstreet Boys

Other bands I like- Hanson, The Wilkinsons, The Moffatts, take 5, 98 degrees, serial Joe, N'sync, Innosence, Pyt, Spice girls, Mytown,Lfo, c-note, m2m...:)

Fav singer- Leslie Carter (duh!)

Other singers i like- Jessica Simpson, Naomi Striemer, Britney spears, Christina Agularia, Mandy Moore, Geri Halliwell, Aaron Carter, Gil, Mike fredo, Joey Macintire, Jordan Knight, and more fav show- Dawsons creek!!! But i also like Friends, TRL and hit list

Some things about me-
*** I love cats***
***I love Tyler Wilkinson***
and lots more!! if you want to know then ask ok? :) my yahoo pager name is JessBopper and my AIM name is Frackery

and now i guess I will do some shout-outs and thank you's to my friends, and people who helped me on this page: Hi to-
Maria my best friend, Chelsea my best friend, Amanda, Amanda, Kim, Raeleigh, Lindsay, Amanda, Kristen, Kelsey,Holly, Christine, Shannon ,Micha, Karlyn, Shannon, Cea, everyone else...
and a SPECIAL thanks goes out to- Tamara!! for helping me thanks! and thanks to leslie carter, for having so much talent and being my role model!!