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I met Leslie..

Hey, this is Jessica, the maker of this page and I am going to tell you my Leslie experiance, I have a few pics, that my friend MJ scanned for me.....:)
***Febuary 22nd, 1999***
Ok, it was finally the day i was waiting for, the Aaron Carter concert! I was really excited, so me and my sister Meagan got there like hours and hours early to get a good spot, Aaron was playing at cowboys, a local bar (weird, I know) So we waited and we were at the front of the line and then they let us in, so me and my sister, along with Tamara and her friends and our other friends Karlyn and Keesha ran inside and got front row spots!! Aaron proformed and he was wonderful, as he was the last time he was here, and then there was a special surprise! Jane Carter came on and said that they had another carter to come and sing, we all thought it was Nick of corse and i almost fainted, but then Leslie came on, and we were all like ahh cool!! she sang only one song "Do you wanna be my boy cuz i wanna be your girl" it was SOO cool i was crying so hard and I knew after that, that she was my fav singer! she sounds like Jewel sorta....
After she got off me and my friend keesha left our front row seats and followed her to where the rest of the family was standing, I shook hands with mrs.Carter and then i saw mr.Carter and i asked him if i could take a pic, he gave me a big hig because he saw that i was shaking and he said of corse!
and then Leslie came back out and went over to where BJ was. I almost died i walked up to her but by the time i got over there she was leaving again, I started crying and she turned around, smiled and shook my hand and said "Hi, thanks for coming" i just stood there in shock that she just talked to me! she was SOO sweet, Nice and talented and i wish her all the best in the future!!!!

***By Jessica Rogers***

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