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My Interview with Leslie

I recently had the chance to interview Leslie, and here's what she had to say!!

Me- Hi leslie thanks so much for awsnering some questions for me

Leslie- your welcome

Me- Ok first, when did you feel you really wanted to become a singer? Was it because of your brothers?

Leslie- I wanted to become a singer, not because of my brothers but because singing is my true love! I have always wanted to sing!

me- Leslie, you recently went on tour with Aaron as his opening act How was that for you? were you scared?

Leslie- I had a great time on tour! The fans are increadiable i was very nervous at first, but once you got up there, its all good.

Me- what are some of your fav singers and groups?

Leslie- Of corse BSB and Aaron, I am really excited about my album being realsed very soon world wide!

me- Do you have a singer who infulances the way you sing and proform?

Leslie- Nick really has been an influance because he started off small and got really big, and he kept at it!

me- When is your cd coming out and what can we expect from it?

Leslie- My cd will hopefully be realsed this fall, what i expect from it is totally diffrent then what i hope happens with it. I hope sucsess in taking over the chats just like my brothers Nick and Aaron have!

Me- and Last, do you plan on doing anymore touring?

Leslie- Yes my tour starts one month after my album comes out!

me- Ok leslie thanks for your time!!
This interview took place July 20th, 1999 by me (Jessica Rogers)

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