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Leslie Carter- Princess of pop

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***Hey guys sorry I habnt updated in a LONG time! there hasn't been that much news on her though, I wasn't lucky enough to see Leslie on the nickalodian tour, because it didn't come to my city anywhere near me! But i bet lots of you saw her so please send in your reviews! I updated my review section so everyone go check it out and the news section! check it out guys and Happy thanksgiviging to all you fellow Canadians!***

Everyone Aaron Carter's new album has been realsed so please go buy it because I personally think its GREAT! and doesn't everyone love shape of my heart By bsb? I love it, can't wait for the new cd boys!!!

hey everyone! thanks for coming to my Leslie Carter page, a page i made for my new fav singer who's going to go FAR with her career!!! everyone have a look around and you will love her as much as i do!

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