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Organic Vegetables

We came up with a marketing slogan a couple of years ago, "Veggies So Fresh, They Are Still Screaming" but decided not to use it for obvious reasons.

Organic market gardening got me back into farming in 1989 after college and 4 years of those real jobs. Started with 5 acres and was going to get rich selling to the yuppie niche market. Well, that didn't work. Seed catalogs that come in the dead of winter touting the new exotic variety for "specialty" markets are evil. Kept at it and have gradually decreased in size to around an acre. Production has not dropped, I produce more now on one acre than when I begun. Soil quality has improved a great deal and I now know what not to do and what not to grow.

I started out with the intention of being a large-scale organic farmer. I was going to do mulitple farmer's markets, sell to resturants and co-ops, and wholesaling to produce brokers. One day it hit me like a big rock what completion of that goal would entail. Hiring labor, storage facilites, invoices, trucking phones ringing, stadardized packaging, insurance, fees, time sheets, etc. Smelled like the beginings of a real job. Stepped back and took a hard look.

We sell direct to customers at the farmer's market on Saturday's what we harvest on Fridays. And some on farm sales. I view it as a part-time job that pays me excellent income.

I think their is a huge opprotunity for thousands of small market gardens and small-scale pastured poultry operations across this nation.