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Down on the Farm

Offerings to the Food Chain

The basic premise on this farm is to use cattle, chickens, and a few pigs to manage our forage resources. Pasture is one of the cheapest and highest quality feeds for growing animals. Most of the year, the animals are rotated on a 1-3 day basis depending on grass growth. We strive to strike a balance that optimizes both grass and animal production. Works great on paper but our animals don't read! Deer knock down the fence and the cows are in the neighbor's front yard, some idiot{me} forgets to turn the electric fence back on and pigs are running amuck, and the border collies have their own ideas about where the cows need to be. Avoiding a real job, at times, can be alot of work.

Residents of the Farm

Bovines Among Us
Little Piggies
chick, chick, chick
Who We Are