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Who We Are

My name is Dean as in Mullis. Everyone wants to be a Mullis or marry one we like to say. The farm is located down a dead-end dirt road in the piedmont region of North Carolina. My wife, Jen, and I live at the farm with 3 border collies, Spit, Zip, and Ab and one old brown lab named Bosco. Bosco usually sleeps on the bed till noon then moves to the couch. Have a few cats also but Jen had the foresight to get them all fixed.

Jen doen't help out much with the farmwork. She uses the lame excuse of having to spend 3 hours on the road a day, driving 100 miles round trip to and from her real job in Charlotte, NC five days a week. Some people are just lazy I guess.

Seriously, before I get to experience sleeping with the cattle on a permanent basis, Jen's job is the hardest and most important. It allows me to put what money the farm makes back into the farm to grow it. Our goal is to one day have the farm generate enough income that Jen can quit her job if she so choses.