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The Kingdom of Light Memorial Gardens

Welcome to our gardens, a peaceful place to visit to remember those who have gone ahead of us to the next journey of the soul. Some of our beloved members have fallen during times of war, some to the sicknesses that plague mankind, and some to broken hearts and spirits. Feel free to relax and let your mind clear in this peaceful place. If you would hear the leaves rustle  or see the water ripple on the pond when it appears noone is near, don't be frightened, it's one of the souls who linger here to console and help us to find peace within ourselves.

May those who have left our presence find peace in their soul's journey.


Within our memories are the lessons learned from those gone ahead. They are honored with just a simple stone in these gardens but with love and admiration in our hearts and the joy and happiness we show others in our daily lives.


Many members of the Kingdom of Light put forth efforts for this site to become a reality.

Counter posted September 28, 2000