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Letter Received May 7, 2000

To those in the Light.

As I look back to the first three days of my journey my travels lead me to a beautiful realm filled with a incredible palace of beauty. The ruler of this realm offer me knighthood on the first night I was there which I found to be a little hasty to ask one to join a order as such so soon. The rulers love for his place and his people make this realm very similar to that of the Light. The people and joking but a little leary of strangers within their realm. This one is a must see it is beautifully done and a incredible piece of work especially in my opion the ballroom. The realm is relitively new but the idea's that shape it should carry it to a very prosperious place. I will soon try to find one I feel is loyal enough to return this letter to the light without disclosing who I am for right of now I feel it is easier to do what is in need of without none knowing who I am.

The second night me and my travel companion found ourself in a beautiful forest filled with much enchantment. A few of the Fairy folks claimed me and my travel companion as to be their parents. Guess I really cant get away the kids after all. As soon as I have established better realationship with these places. I will send a detail account of members and websites of these beautiful Realms.

The Third day found myself in a realm over ruled had more than three pages of them nice place to visit but would not really want to live there. However upon my arrival was meet by the guardian of the realm and within 2 minutes the queen was there to greet me. Was a very nice place but some of the pages seem to be overloaded with pictures and my god if anyone could live by all those rules there I would kiss their royal ass. Is the location for several nice protection program High Consul and can not remember if I had left the Url for you. Just make sure all of those at home have heard of this place and have had a chance to load some of the simplier Ones. By the way I am well and enjoying this quest seems to give me some purpose. Tell everyone Hi for me and that I have no idea how long I will be gone but each of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Lord Jared Seth BlackRazor
High Guardian of the Light.