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The party gathers for a final feast and enjoyment at the end of the trainings to celebrate the accomplishments. The boastful mannor and tells of braves deeds flow freely from the lips of these new knights. As the knight continues on Lord BlackRazor rises and Salutes his newest knights.
~Salute Knight of Light~
He raises his sword with one hand into the air his gobblet with the other.
~May the Light guide thee along thy paths~
~The quest begins now!~

Not long ago in the Light. I placed several scared relics. Now it is up to my finest to find them. You will each have seperate path to take and along these paths you will find clues to where your relic is. When your relic is found your quest is done. May the light shine on your travels.
~God Speed~


Lord Spawn you are to find the Flame Blade of Justice known as Vulcanous.
Lady Knight Firefly you are to find the Tome of Estrades. (The tome of understandment)
Dame Catt you are to find Sargus the Rod of Justice.
Dame Design you are to find the Scarab of Tremola. (The Scarab of Light)
Lord Dark Eyed you are to find Lyre of the High Bard known as Methild's harp.
Lord Seven you are to find the Sword Thrivaenstel.
Lord Dashi you are to find the Heartwood spear.
Dame Windfire you are to find the Pearl of Wisdom.

Knightly Virtues


Training knights since 1998
High Trainer of the Knight's of Light since Dec 1998

Through the Walls of Allitor do the truest of Knights come. Lord FireStorm Dec 1998

Quest Links

Spawn route to the North.
Fireflys route to the East.
Catts route to the South.
Designs route to the West.
DarkEyed's route to the NorthEast.
Seven's route to the SouthEast.
Dashi's route to the SouthWest.
Windfire's route to the NorthWest.