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There are many instances in playing all games where the rules just aren't enough.  Any and all the "What if's" can come into play in any single gaming period. At times, it can be difficult for players and referees to come to an understanding that is both realistic and playable.  For example: "What do you mean he hit me?  He's in full MOPP gear (chemical suit and gas mask) and it's dark.  There have to be some serious modifiers there."    And one of my favorites: "Umm... What does it mean when you fumble with a grenade?"  Here are some optional rules that help game play, flushing out characters and just plan make the game a little more interesting.  Martial Arts Styles for both melee and hand to hand combat can be found here, as well as firearm-fumbles.  Submissions are welcomed.
Experience                        Fumble
Body Combat              Melee Combat
Martial Arts rules (Body Combat and Melee Combat) compiled by Martial Artist R. Gilbert
Sniper Rules               Gunsmithing
Medical Skill                 Body Guard