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My ViRtUaL pHoTo AlBuM

Welcome to my online photo gallery. Hope ya like!!

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BeSt FRiEnDs

This is a pic of some of my best friends:(me)Kathleen,then Rachel, Heather, Sarah, and Shamanee. (left to right)


Heres a picture of some of my closest friends. Holly C., Heather, Kristen, Amber, Dominique(bottom), and Brian (Nugget),in the back who thought he should be part of the pic.


This one is from the last day of school '99 in the band room. Just a group pic with friends, mostly band members. (front)Lyndenise, Edwina,(second)Jaqi, Tomika, (third)Mahogany, Holly R., LaToya, Kathleen(me), and Jerrell in the back.