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Serious bible students are aware of the scripture which reads, "For false Christ’s and false prophets will appear and perform GREAT SIGNS AND MIRACLES TO DECIEVE EVEN THE ELECT, IF THAT WERE POSSIBLE." (Mat: 24:24.) . The bible clearly warns us to be on our guard. If these writings are expressed in today's language, I find it much easier to understand the enormous threat these aims hold for the "true sons of God". An example is the word "PROTOCOLS" in current English means "minutes" as in, the minutes of a meeting. These papers tell us, there is a plan for world conquest, aiming at a "one-world government". Most students of scripture are not even aware of the existence of these protocols although they have been publicly available in the British Museum since 1905.

This abridged translation is only meant to persuade you to read the more difficult but comprehensive original; you can find the original on Internet address. this modern revised version at the web site The first version in English was translated from the Russian in 1905. As early as 1921 the well-known and greatly respected Henry Ford recognized the political situation at that time supported the truth expressed in this shocking but important document. "THE ZIONISTS" on the other hand strongly deny the authenticity of this work. They claim these writings are nothing but "NONDESCRIPT RAVINGS OF A DEMENTED MANIAC, WHICH CANNOT BE SUPPORTED BY KNOWN FACTS". My friends and I believe these writings are more likely to be "The Bible of the Anti-Christ". You will have to have to decide for yourself, if these papers reflect the world we live in ninety-four years further down the path of time, "may the spirit of the living God be with you". If someone you know also be interested in these documents you are most welcome to "photo-copy" them and pass on this spiritual warning we believe they contain. "SO LET'S GET STARTED".


  1. By keeping these "minutes" simple, I hope to be able to get you to easily understand as I am explaining.
  2. Firstly, Let me to show you the various systems we intend implementing, and how it will effect the GOYIM (non-Jew or gentiles).
  3. The truth is, men with bad instincts greatly outnumber those with good intentions, and therefore only "violence and terror" can realistically govern mankind successfully. Almost everyone would like to be "Top Dog", but very few could be so ruthless as to do what it takes to achieve this aim.
  4. You may ask, whatever managed and controlled these beasts called men, before we began our conquest?
  5. The answer is two brutal, blind powers called the "LAW" and the "CONSTITUTION". The second one is an invention of ours; we introduced it into all the new Democracies. These two words are of great importance and the answer as to how we keep the people in subjection. Together they override "the will of the people" in a democracy.
  6. "FREEDOM" never was a fact; it has never been anymore than an idea. We like to use this word, as it tends to excite the masses into destroying any opposition to our plans. In exactly the same way we encourage "LIBERALISM", this is also only a dream. No one could possibly justify it as a serious system of government.
  7. GOLD

  8. When we come to power this dream of the liberals will be replaced by our idea of authority, which is "GOLD and DISCIPLINE". But firstly, we must get the unthinking mob into turning the existing states into "heaps of ashes".
  9. Once destroyed these states having lost there lifeblood, namely money, must become subject to "OUR POWER", or alternatively goes in to oblivion.
  10. Some of the more liberal minded might think our methods are immoral, but who can decide what is moral, and what is not, when you see what the nations practiced throughout history.
  11. It is impossible using reason only to control a "blind grasping mob"; special skills are needed to do that!
  12. It must be understood the moral and political have nothing incommon, every politician knows that! "Deceit and make-believe" is the recipe for political success.

  14. We claim the right to use force, "why", simply because we are more powerful than the gentiles.
  15. Who decides where does right begin, and when does it end.
  16. In a world where "Liberal Thinking" dominates, is it not right for the strong to dominate the weak?
  17. As we encourage "Liberalism" we weaken the gentile system, and the more invincible our power will become.
  18. We have to support this evil for now, because it helps to speed up the day of our good and unshakable rule.
  19. We have successfully encouraged these "Emotionally Based or Liberal Ideas" for many years, now is not the time to risk any changes to them.
  20. To control the masses is not difficult; the only serious danger is an individual showing "genius". But this is not a real problem for us, as the gentiles also feel threatened by brilliance, so tend to suppress it on our behalf.
  21. A person must be trained from childhood, if he is to master that intricate subject called "politics".
  22. Because no gentile politicians are trained in this way, they cannot compete with the skills of our Jews.

  24. Without a "Despotic Leader" our plans cannot be implemented, this is because "democratic" governments lacks decisiveness, we know humanity has no future unless a despotic system is established.
  25. The stupid gentiles think "freedom" means no control, but they don’t’ realise "all the evil traits of mankind" come with it, including, "immorality, dissipation", and any other negative qualities you can think of.
  26. I must admit our methods may be considered at best suspect, but, as we alternate "Controlled Force, some Make-believe, and Occasional Violence", we are gradually achieving our objectives.
  27. Logic tells us that the "DEATH PEANALTY" has always been the best deterrent, so is obviously the most satisfactory way to control the masses. One of our "great strengths is" we are well known for our unrelenting revenge. Time is no healer as far as we are concerned.

  29. Before the French revolution we used to cry "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" this means the law of mob justice. It never happened before the French revolution, as the ruling classes always suppressed us ruthlessly. These rulers realised with an open democratic system; the mob must always be appeased.
  30. The "short sighted" always fall for our "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity" idea, not realising these really are "canker worms". As "LIBERAL" leadership only needs to please the ignorant majority.
  31. The gentiles have now made materialism their God, so "follow us"; we are the ultimate materialists.
  32. The mob thinks, if our leaders do not "please us all the time", they can be discarded, no matter how productive they may have been in the past.
  33. It is this attitude of "hire and fire" which keeps us in control, as we will only defend those politicians who do exactly what we tell them, this quickly teaches all politicians, "to cross us is fatal". 


  1. All future wars must be waged over matters of money, wars fought over land claims suggest territorial divisions, and this in turn stimulates "NATIONALISM" the biggest single threat to our aims.{So now we knows why the name Dr Verwoerd is a swear word)
  2. When our day comes all gentile administrators will be chosen for their ability to carry out instructions. "Our Jewish Leaders", trained in our methods from childhood, will say what is to be done and when.

  4. We have persuaded their so called "intellectuals" and the youth, to forsake their ancient faiths, and consider "DARWINISM", along with "MARXISM" and "NEITZCHE-ISM," as greater truths, this show’s how easy it is to fragment their frail unity.
  5. You must not believe we are only obsessed with power, as we sometimes take the "soft option", which ever is the easiest way, depending on the problems we have to face.
  6. One of our greatest strengths is the press, by manipulating the press we have collected all the gold of any importance. To get it, we had to spill much blood; sometimes including some of the blood of our own. Remembering that one of our own people's blood is worth the blood of a thousand gentiles.


  1. If you look around you, you can see how our power is being revealed, as our symbolic snake is beginning to entwine the whole of Europe within its coils.
  2. By breathing "terror" into their systems of rule, the delicate balance of power is being upset; to do this we sow discord between the traditional rulers, and the blind mob.
  3. By encouraging this discord, we create such confusion that "nobodies word is trusted".
  4. "Stupid arguments, winning of pointless debates, and maintaining power at any cost polices", expose their leaders to the fury of the blind mob. This in turn will remove any possibility of opposition to us.

  6. The masses have always been subjected to grinding poverty, so anyone, who cries "HUMAN RIGHTS", becomes a magnet to them. But as they have to toil to survive, they would never have the time to practice their "rights" anyway? We encourage them to go for the "big dream", rather than what they really needs, "security".

  8. In order to get the masses to hate the aristocracy, we remind them "you were worse off under the old time landlords", and constantly refer to the "bad old days", which no one is old enough to remember anyway.
  9. It will become fashionable to be an "Anarchist, Socialist Communist, or Evolutionist", as people think it shows "individualistic" character. These ideas leave them with nothing, except to follow our "Chosen Leader" and us.
  10. By exploiting their envy and greed, we can manipulate the dissatisfied mob, any way we like.
  11. When the time is right for our "Ruler of the world" to appear, the above methods will clear away all hindrances to his sovereignty.
  12. The blind mob must learn an "about face in thinking", by accepting "class separation", this will take time.

  14. "Escape Goats" must be found to blame when the financial crash comes; this will enrage the mob to spill the blood of anyone who we persuade them to think, caused it.
  15. "As Jews always come first", they will be provided for before the start of the killings and looting take place.
  16. The next move is to discredit "LIBERALISM"; the gentiles must then acknowledge our superior intelligence, as this will help them to accept our "class separation ideals".
  17. If at any time the nations "thought they had become free", they wouldn't have the sense to return to their time honored ancient ways, so must once again become victims of the "future we are setting for them".
  18. Our final move will be to deliberately make the now leaderless peoples turn against us, as in their desperation, must dash into the arms of our "KING DESPOT".
  19. As we are the unseen "INTERNATIONAL" and invincible force, and knowing the ignorant mob is so impressed by our power, we can get away with thing’s they would have beheaded twenty of their own Kings for doing.
  20. It never ceases to amaze us, how easy it is to get mass hysteria mobilized, without any clear objective in sight.
  21. As all Dictators know, "massive propaganda drives", spread by our servants the media, will teach the masses all these unexplainable pains must be suffered for the general good.
  22. We will let the gentiles believe they make the decisions, and they can, if these decisions agree with our aims.
  23. This dangerous word "FREEDOM" must also go, as in defense of it, men have been known to fight against, every kind of authority, even the law’s of nature and sometimes, us, the Jews, God’s own people.
  24. We have to give these gentile beasts periodic wars, in order to quench their blood lust, as we know afterwards they relax again and meekly return to their "chains".


  1. By encouraging revolution we will make the state become totally bankrupt, through the mad raging of its mob. This gives us plenty of time to organize our selves for each separate take-over. All this must be done in secrecy, until the day our "DESPOTIC LEADER" is revealed.
  2. We are an invisible force, in the likeness of the gentile "Freemason Organization", so cannot be overthrown.
  3. The rule being, if there is nothing to be seen, there is nothing to rage at.

  5. If we want to make the gentiles completely subject to us, their God must be removed. As acceptance of faith takes away all vices, and these vices are our "bit in their mouths" by which we control them.
  6. Can you now see why we glamorize materialism (which includes sex), this eventually deflects the gentiles away from the danger of "idealistic thinking", with a possibility of an upsurge in faith.
  7. You will also notice the effects caused by constant disappointments, and economic hardship. Eventually people become disheartened, and negative, preoccupied in the envy of the successful, and wealthy.


  1. Corruption should be tolerated, as the rich only become prosperous through dishonesty and "semi-swindling", eventually "shady deals" become normal business practice. This also "infuriates" the discontent masses.
  2. Some may think the world has outgrown the despotism I am referring to, I question do you really think so?
  3. There was a time when people obeyed their kings, as they thought it was the will of God. That was before we convinced them, their own will was more important. So they threw their God given faith aside, we quickly seized it and are making sure they never get it back.

  5. We have managed to take away the media from the gentiles without them even noticing, and so long as we direct it from the shadows, our aims cannot be stopped.
  6. If the gentiles did band together, they might have put up some resistance to us. This is not likely because the discord we keep sowing amongst them makes it highly unlikely. Understand any agreements signed amongst them, are always subject to us having a hand in it anyway.
  7. As said by the prophets of old, "God chose us to rule the earth". Not only has he given us the genius to achieve this, we have the stupid gentiles so confused they cannot even separate truth from lies.

  9. Once all the wealth is ours, we will have total control of the "industrial world" as well.
  10. You notice people have always been content with hope, so as long as we keep on promising, no one ever complains or asks, "where is the delivery?"
  11. After we have control over all the political parties, their speakers will be taught how to say a lot about nothing, causing a "public hatred" to develop for all things political.
  12. These situations put people "off politics", leaving such things to us, this is the great secret in gaining power.
  13. By infiltrating every known religious organization, and teaching calculated contradictions, we remove any self confidence left amongst them, this insecurity makes them intensely jealous of anyone showing initiative.


  1. We already have amassed so much money, even the wealth of the richest tycoons will be entwined in ours, so they will all go down "like small boats", when the time is right for the planned "political smash"
  2. You gentlemen, who understand economics, will be perfectly aware of the significance of this happening.
  3. We have to convince the masses into believing, those who "comply completely", need never fear us.
  4. "The old order of the gentiles as a power is dead", helped along by our new laws such as death duties etc. These put the land in the hands of us the "INTERNATIONALS", as companies don't pay death duties.
  5. We know the aristocracy cannot live on small incomes, so soon will bankrupt themselves.

  7. "Trade and industry" have always interested us, but real power lies in the "STOCK MARKETS" our main interest, as this brings all the wealth manipulators, back under our influence.
  8. To complete their subjection, we will give the gentiles credit, and encourage them to spend more than they earn. In turn through progressive inflation the power will be removed from their wages, and subject everyone to our will.
  9. When credit is offered, emphases must be made on the advantage of instant possession, They will be told they deserve these luxuries, until eventually they won't be able to live without debt.


  1. Encouraging an arms race, and the spending vast amounts of borrowed money, is the best way to reduce the whole world into subjection.
  2. Europe will be our first target, they are already aware of our influence in their political circles, where we are already in control. By encouraging arms races we do not need to expose ourselves needlessly.

  4. All the nations will learn, "it will go well with them so long as they obey us". Any "disobedience" will be threatened with universal war. We already have the influence to cause this, and their politicians know it.
  5. The art of political success is "deviousness", what you say; you need not do, so long as it's not too obvious.
  6. Eventually we will compel all the world's governments to accept our plan of "ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT" which was conceived long ago, "using ruthlessly if need be, our great power of limitless wealth".


  1. We must also have better weapons than any of our opponents may use against us. To legally justify what appears unjust, we have (The Rhodes Scholars Foundation of Oxford?) our chosen students of human nature.
  2. Everyone knows "ECONOMISTS" control the banker’s, and thus everything to do with money, these economists are responsible for the control of the "rise and fall" in world money markets.
  3. The gentiles will have to be used, until we can recruit competent brother-Jews, these gentiles must know "if they double-cross us, they will face criminal charges, or possibly completely disappear without trace".


  1. Every "racial group" has its own peculiar characteristic's; special note must be taken of this. Our aim is to find a common standard for teaching gentiles to think alike, then we will be able to treat them all "AS ONE GROUP".
  2. The Liberal slogan "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity", must become only an expression of idealism. If anybody objects, we will resort to our emotionally charged slogan "anti-Semitism", this will send opponents "scurrying", as it always has done.

  4. OUR "SUPER-GOVERNMENT" through its extra-legal "jargon" will conceal its real objective "DICTATORSHIP"’. One day we will fulfil our ambitions of control, power, and "sweet vengeance", as we are well known never to forgive or forget.
  5. In order to confuse the gentiles, we will have in our service extremists of all opinions, Terrorists, Socialists, Communists, and Utopian Dreamers of every kind. Eventually they will beg us for, " Peace at any price", and that price will be "THE ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF OUR INTERNATIONAL SUPER-GOVERNMENT, WITH SUBMISSIVENESS".
  6. Some authorities try to resist the impracticality of COMMUNISM; this always ends up in wars, inevitably followed by poverty, then their financial dependence fall into our willing hands
  7. By making trouble between the "clear thinking" Gentiles leaders and their "blind" masses, distrust is forged. Again we guide the now leaderless masses; in into any direction we like.
  8. To keep the blind mass under the influence of our guiding hand, we will employ the services of our "stooges" who keep assuring them they are on the right path, as long as that path suits us.
  9. Using our media control we deliberately put strain on the communications between the leadership and their relationship with the unthinking masses, making us effectively, "the voice of the people".
  10. To further destroy their systems of order we systematically introduce the chaotic license of "Liberalistic Education", as this destroys the corner stone of a free existence, "DISCIPLINE".

  12. We introduced many contradictory teachings into the gentile churches; the youth cannot accept these confusing "new ideas". These "conflicting" teachings will destroy any obedience they may feel they need to give to God.
  13. By manipulating the existing laws, it is possible to justify anything. Our "smooth-talking" lawyers are especially skilled to take the legislation and weave it into an impossibly tangled web.
  14. This "tangled web" came about because of the introduction of the legal and complicated theory of arbitration (and human rights?).
  15. We constantly update plans to keep our technology ahead of anything the gentile nations may posses. If the nations did discover our master plan and rebelled against us, they could never overpower us, as no conflict can be won without highly skilled soldiers, and we have the money to train and pay them.


  1. As said previously, the masses never bother to reject leaders who don't fulfil their promises. This allows politicians to safely spend their energies relaxing and enjoying themselves, making it quite easy for us to "slip in" laws on taxes, concessions, etc, without attracting too much attention.
  2. The mob loves the sound of brilliant speakers, and doesn't bother to work out what is the real objective behind their speeches; they just follow and agree like sheep.

  4. The media must keep up its efforts to "manipulate" the way people think, as it is most important that public opinion appears to be behind us, and whatever we are doing.
  5. Once we have total control of their minds, we will tell them, the only way to remove the "Worlds Troubles", is by uniting all mankind into one common universal system. (We have prepared, and designed this system long ago.)
  6. All people must have equal voting power, no matter "how stupid the voter is". Not only will this make them feel full of their own importance, but will give us better control of this even easier to predict blind mob.
  7. Successful government can only come from "ONE BRAIN"; this is demonstrated by any situation where leadership is critical, for example on a ship, in a war situation, it even applies on a sports field!
  8. We do not intend to make these things happen all at once, they will have to be implemented gradually, we must not spoil the well thought out plans of our "Learned Elders" through impatience.

  10. As previously stated, we introduced into these departments the poison of "Liberalism" and the whole state will become mortally sick. So we must wait through the "death agony period" until all is ours.
  11. "CONSTITUTIONAL STATES", that is states run by an elected government are on a never-ending quest to please the electorate. Because of this, they have lost their only safeguard against our "DESPOTISM"

  13. One of our most urgent aims is to get control of the office of "President", this means the post must depend purely on "money support", this in turn gives control to us, as we have the money.
  14. Once we control the heads of governments, our goal will be in sight, as, without a president the country falls into anarchy, and no one in their "right minds" wants that.
  15. The president's we pick must only be men who have "personality flaws", these weaknesses mean we always own him.
  16. Then we will hold the "reins of power" and may pass any legislation we choose, and still not be seen to be responsible for anything that "displeases" the masses.
  17. State secrets are a necessity, for "National Security Reasons" we will say. This gives us more space to maneuver, and so decide who is to take the blame for unpopular laws that need to be made.
  18. The President will gradually develop the right to interpret the meaning of the law, and impose temporary regulations, at "OUR DISCRETION". This starts to make it unclear what his authority really is.

  20. By such measures as the above, we shall increase our power and at the same time weaken the existing powers. When it is decided the time is right we can introduce our form of government, "OUR DESPOTISM".
  21. ’ It is possible our leader may be a highly respected public figure before he comes into power, this means immediately the masses can turn to him for advice, instead of the confusion represented by the old political system.
  22. It helps "OUR LEADER" if the law breaks down as the more crime, terrorism, and fear for the future, the none-committed masses have, the more likely they will turn to him for inspired leadership.
  23. ’ This pressure must be kept up and the nations of the world will not be given a breathing space, or this change of loyalty towards "one man rule" may never happen.


  1. To reduce the shock of the massive change, there will be a legislative corps acting as a "mouthpiece of our ruler", and will follow his instructions and no one else.
  2. In the light our experience over the centuries and studies of law, we are confident we can close any loopholes that may possibly loosen our grip on "absolute power".
  3. Once our new constitution is in place, we must bring today's history into ridicule, and anyone who mentions "the good old days" they will be considered idiots (Try saying anything not horrific, about the nazi’s today).

  5. ’The gentiles are like sheep, and you know what will happen when they fall into the hands of us wolves.
  6. We must keep them confused, by making promise, after promise. We will tell them change for the universal advantage will happen, once we have made the world secure from our mutual enemy’s.
  7. You of course know changes will only be made if they are in "our" best interests.
  8. We have invented many devious ways to get ourselves into such a position that our "scattered tribe" can triumph, relying heavily we admit on principles set by Free Masons, with their "publicly accepted" secret ways.
  9. The gift to us from God is to be dispersed "all over the earth" and yet still be strong, and from this we will achieve sovereignty over the whole world and "every thing in it".
  10. "Our foundations were so well laid by the Learned Elders" that there is little left for us to change until our plans become reality.  


  1. ’ The word "freedom" can be interpreted in many different ways.
  2. We are free to do whatever the law allows, it stands to reason "once we control the law", we will be free to change things at will.
  3. As an example, we will change the laws governing the media. Nothing can be published without previous permission. Our excuse being, any false publication is deception, and could cause possible confusion.

  5. Even now very little gets published, which is not acceptable to us, but then nothing will get past us.
  6. Already, very few contradict the world, as we would have them believe it is. Already we form most of their opinions for them through the power of "high-pressure" advertising.(For instance does Coke really add life)
  7. "Back to the media". All working in the various mediums must be of flawless character as far as the public is concerned. Integrity will be the image of this highly respected and powerful arm of our "New World Order".

  9. Strict control must be kept on all publications, paying particular attention to the small pamphlet type magazines. These tend to give us the most trouble, we will force them to pay double rates in caution money, and stamp duty
  10. By such means, all privately run publications must gradually disappear, as small enterprises in this field will not survive financially. Consequently this leaves the "powerful public education field" totally in our hands.
  11. Our control of the media will not be too obvious, as the old established names will stay for the sake of "status and prestige".
  12. A second line of media will concentrate on attacking those with an "easygoing" kind of personality, and indifferent attitude. These are typified by the "could not care less" type of person, this attitude must be discouraged.
  13. Lastly, we will allow a third branch of the media who will appears to oppose us. This will draw to it, all who would disagree with us. These are the only opinions we need to keep a close watch on, if necessary they can be "nipped in the bud" as it were.
  14. We will manage the media, in a similar way we handled politicians under the old system. That is, letting all opinions be expressed, so long as they do not challenge ours.
  15. Media people we control will be kept in close contact with each other, they should keep their opinions diversified enough to hold the readers interest, yet always directed in the way we need them to think.
  16. This apparent diversification serves to convince our subjects, they still have their "freedom of speech".

  18. All these above methods are intended to bring the masses onto the side of the government. If any oppose us we will redicule them and make them look stupid by using complicated and incomprehensible arguments; this should discourage the most adamant of "dissenters".
  19. To keep our readers occupied, "soap opera" style, we will let our fourth media "the bad guys" make, outlandish statements, so that the first rank, can shoot their concepts to pieces.
  20. You must already know, as the law states, "a member of the press cannot be forced to reveal his source of information". This is to give the impression of independence, as the idea of a free media is absolutely essential.
  21. People of the country districts must feel that the city dwellers do not understand their problems. Likewise city people will have their views of what is important, this difference of attitude we must encourage.
  22. In our "New World Order", information not supporting the concept of "our superior way of life" will never reach the media, it must appear crime as almost non-existent.


  1. The media will make "such an issue" of a given subject so nobody will be sure of the facts, then "Our Leader" will state "the matter is settled, as the new regulations afford great improvements for everyone".
  2. You see by adopting this "superior inflexible attitude", the mob will be convinced our intentions are aimed at making things work more smoothly, and be assured we are doing these things for the common good.

  4. The masses must always be so preoccupied that they never stop to compare for instance the difference between our lives and theirs. As sports, lotteries, soap operas, and science fiction must be the world they know.
  5. Until then, we will have to exploit everything available to fill their "brainless heads" with such things as utopias, science fiction or any other fantastical ideas, as long as they do not include "material invention".
  6. Once we put our spokesmen in charge, the people will be reminded constantly, about all the woes the world has suffered previously, and what a massive change for the good they are experiencing under our guidance.
  7. Nobody will suspect our "Learned Elders" have to the finest detail, planned everything that is happening.


  1. For a long time we have deliberately "undermined" the gentile churches, and will eventually replace it with the "Law of Moses" as the only truth. They then will learn "God chose us the Jews", and no one else, to fulfil his purposes.

  3. Using the benefit of hindsight, it is easy to point out every mistake the old gentile governments made. We the "Chosen of God" must take away the misery and hardships the world suffers today.
  4. "This concept" must be emphasized at every opportunity, until very soon when ever look back at things from the old gentile system will seem like taking a trip to the "Chamber of Horrors".
  5. Our philosopher's main objective is to undermine all other religions, making sure never to include any discussion concerning our law, or our beliefs.
  6. You have probably noticed, we always praised the most degenerate nations as being the progressive. This is so our subjects will be able to appreciate how our high standards, contrast with those old degenerate ways.


  1. It will take many years and lots of money in organization, before we will be able to overthrow all the "Old World" authorities. Do not expect this to happen in the very near future, as our planning must leave nothing to chance.
  2. Gentiles must learn all resistance will be ruthlessly destroyed. Every resolution of our government will be final, and with no possibility of appeal.
  3. We supported "Protestantism", yet their ideas were mercilessly crush by the "Catholic's", no matter what the cost. We cannot expect the same "advantages of power", without the inflexibility’s to keep it there?

  5. For now, we will have to allow these various organizations to carry on under "a central control", with people known to us alone, and not even to each other. This is how we find out every move they make in advance.
  6. These infiltrators we choose, will be the types who live by their wits, ambitious, and not too concerned with principles. Should anything be detected, our most trusted servants must instantly replace these spies.

  8. The gentiles join the lodges we control, hoping to get some advantage over their peers, it suits us to "oblige" generously. In their conceit they will do anything we ask, if only they achieve "SUCCESS"
  9. Can you now see how "incredibly stupid" they have proved to be, they see no further than money, this is what makes the success of our plans inevitable.

  11. We can appreciate the wisdom of our "Learned Elders" who warned us, "even some of our own may perish". The cost does not matter if the objective of gaining "ultimate power" is achieved.
  12. All must die, so why not let "the useless" die first. We only need those who will help to fulfil this wonderful dream we are working for. I regret this will not include our long associates, the Freemasons.
  13. Over the years through the "Liberals", we have weakened the laws of the gentiles to almost nothing. Today it's quite easy to convince the brute mind of the gentiles to believe almost anything. As they are unable to dispute intelligently.
  14. This difference of intelligence between them and us, is another convincing proof that we are the "Chosen People". Except when it comes to "MATERIAL INVENTIVNESS".

  16. Unlike in the present legislation, our laws will be clear, brief, and straightforward. The main theme running through them all, is "submission to orders". Disobedience will bring "exemplary punishments".
  17. This is how intend to stop the scourge of this earth, "CORRUPTION". We'll make a special example of those practicing this destructive crime; another equally destructive criminal act is "slackness of discipline".
  18. The age of retirement of legal staff must be the 55. This is due to older men cannot change direction so easily, and this rule also keeps staff more elastic, and less open to question instructions.
  19. All criminals must be treated like "brute beasts". Our judges will treat them as the enemies of society, and give the severest punishment possible. We will eliminate crime, not "reward it", as the "Liberals" seem to do.
  20. These things have been learned, by watching the mistakes made, by the emotionally driven gentiles.
  21. Tolerating "Liberalism" is one of the most unforgivable crimes of the gentiles; we'll quickly get rid of all like-minded administrators first. The thought patterns of these people are in direct conflict with those instructed by us.

  23. To be totally inflexible in our aims, each of the goals we set will be completed in strict order. Any attempt to change our objectives must be considered treason, and treated as such, with the "full force of law".
  24. The appointed authority is never to be questioned; only our "DESPOT" may remove judges who displease. What I am saying is our "DESPOT'S" pleasure must be the objective of our lives. Think like this, and your lives will be simple.
  25. We must look on him as a father, who wants nothing more than to teach his children the importance of "submission and obedience".
  26. His "despotism" is founded on duty, and the obligation that a father has to his children, or in this case "subjects". This power is there for him to be used for the common good of all the "Worlds Peoples".
  27. In order to educate the people, and destroy the evil of disobedience, we can make people disappear if need be. This is to emphasize "the importance of submission".
  28. When the "KING OF ISRAEL" as he will be known, is also crowned the sovereign of Europe as well, he will in reality be "THE KING OF THE WHOLE EARTH", so who dare even challenge him.
  29. "Our King" will be in constant contact with everyone every where on earth, through his worldwide speeches.


  1. Change must come gradually, starting at the universities. All "academic staff" will be trained in specific programs, from these they must not waver, as their very existence will be totally dependent on government approval.
  2. All universities are to teach state law and politics, to carefully chosen students only. As we consider these subjects critical to the stability of the state, and its unity.
  3. Once we are in power, we will restrict these "highly volatile" subjects to the competent, and the rest to studying, what amounts to "the importance of obedience", this will lead to progress, peace, and security.

  5. The study of history must be replaced by the study of "future objectives"; all memories of the past will be forgotten, except the "bad side". On the other hand the advantages of maintaining strict order must be highlighted.
  6. The occasional "truly inventive mind" must always be a challenge to our "NEW WORLD ORDER", his creativity would be like having a "loose cannon" in our system of "strict order", and because of this he must be carefully monitored.
  7. Our leader knows the importance of being popular before his subjects; therefore he will appear regularly on the world media, they must learn to accept that his work is devoted to the universal benefit of the masses.
  8. The people will be expected to attend lectures, and learn how to adjust to our standards, faith, and ideals.
  9. The concept of "OBJECT LESSONS" is to become a buzzword. This is a well-tested method for slowly turning the masses into a submissive and unthinking mob.


  1. In overhauling the legal system we will forbid advocates access to their clients. They will be given the same notes as all other parties concerned. This will stop all the false stories a client and advocate can contrive.

  3. We encourage the concept of freedom of conscience, as this contrasts with "the self-discipline that faith demands". By this we are destroying the Christian Religion, the others will very soon follow, but all that is on the future.
  4. Then we set the mob to attacking the Catholic Church, when "suddenly" we become the defenders of the Vatican. This is to get us trusted in the very heart of that organization, and then we can make sure it never rises again.
  5. Our "King of the Jews" will become the real Pope; he is to be the "Patriarch of the International Church".
  6. For now we "find fault", and cause divisions amongst religions, as this will keep our enemies weakened.
  7. Only people of our faith, dedication and genius could keep up this constant attack on the political and religious systems of the world, yet still stay undetected.
  8. Like the God Vishnu, we will have "a hundred hands", each one in the machinery of life. One third of the population will be taught to keep the rest under observation, from a sense of duty to the state.
  9. Our agents will come from all walks of life. They have only the power to report what they may see. This carries a double-sided responsibility, as "not" reporting things seen is also just as serious, charges won't concern them.
  10. As under our own law, the Jewish brothers of our faith must report any "apostate", even if he were a member of his family, we are going to apply this regulation to the subjects of our "New World Order".
  11. By using these methods all the subjects of our state will come to the conclusion, "it is simply not worth risking anti-social behavior, no matter how great the temptation."


  1. Our secret service must concentrate on the gentile police, and seeking out our enemies amongst them. The most "persuasive speakers", must be skilled in stimulating the interest of any whom are not totally behind us
  2. Because most conspirators are fairly harmless, bad publicity caused by trying to destroy them often far outweighs their nuisance value. The really dangerous ones can always be accused of political crimes.
  3. If we build around him an atmosphere of being totally in control, this will hold to ridicule’s any idea of rebellion, or resistance to "Our Leader".
  4. By keeping this principle uppermost, we are assured that the future of our dynasty will last forever.

  6. If everything he does must be applauded, "Our Leader" will be protected by the masses, as they are taught to believe their well being depends on it. (Is that why the people love "Clinton the liar".)
  7. Our leader will not "lower himself" by getting involved in any public "dissension", as these minor details are beneath his dignity, to do so, would suggest a possibility of weakness.
  8. An image of "The friend of the people" must be maintained, even our leader cannot afford to break that rule.
  9. No spokesman of the people will be tolerated, as this concept clashes with the authority of "Despotic Ruler".
  10. Well-grounded suspicion will get a criminal arrested, this will tell the lawless, a "breaker of the law", he automatically forfeit any rights he may have had under that law.



  1. Our subjects will be encouraged to communicate (only with the government) on any ideas they may have to improve the "common lot".
  2. Sedition mongering can be compared to a little dog that tries his luck against an elephant, until it does something to make that elephant cross, "the monster will ignore him".
  3. Political crimes will be associated with any other abominable filthy crime. This is to destroy the possibility of "prestige or heroism" being associated with such deeds.
  4. We will change through education and the media, that old idea "he who fought for his country" will no longer considered a hero, but be seen as a "narrow minded and backward thinking fool", this is another one of those "Nationalistic" concepts.


  1. "Now to money", this possibly the most important part of our plan, as mentioned earlier in these papers.
  2. Our government we will not rely on collecting taxes, as these are unpopular with the masses. So because we still need money, some other way to finance the state must be found.
  3. The only solution to this problem is not to tax on income, but on "riches already owned"; this way no one will be ruined, our reasoning being, those with the most wealth need the most security.
  4. Eventually "greed" will become a thing of the past. As all these changes are going to start from the top, given time, it must bring peace and happiness to the whole world.

  6. Taxing the poor man not only discourages productivity but also turns him against the state. It is the rich who have all of the real wealth. But because money is power, it is not good for power to remain in private hands.
  7. To remedy this we will bring in a "progressive ratio tax" on capital. The exemption from capitol gains tax helped us no end, and fortunately, was blamed on the gentile governments, and not us.
  8. The strength of "Our Leader" is dependent on him keeping peace in the world. Surely it makes sense then, as the rich have the most to loose if there is a war, they should be the ones prepared to pay to keep the state secure.
  9. The poor will appreciate this, as they won't have this tax burden anymore. At the same time this blind mob will be strengthened in their loyalty to "Our Ruler".
  10. All the monies the wealthy pay to us will be accounted for in detail, {this helps to pacify them), as they must now doing the paying. At the same the pressure between the mob, and the "educated classes" will be reduced.
  11. "Our Despot" on principle will own no property, as his objective is to eventually let the state be the sole owner of all material wealth, then this "Ruler of Ours" will be the sole controller of all the worlds assets.
  12. Relatives of the ruler must work productively, as this removes "The idle rich syndrome", the cause of so much tension between the classes.
  13. All wealth related transactions would be subject to a "progressive stamp duty", it goes without saying that all dishonest evasion's will be severely dealt with. (Is this suggesting V.A.T?)
  14. Estimate the income the state will receive from these laws, as "What you never worked for you never miss."

  16. The state treasurer must keep a percentage of state income in reserve; the rest will go into "public works". Other sums may be paid out for 'creativity and productiveness', as this will further endear "OUR LEADER" to the masses.
  17. Except "money retained to cover "unexpected emergencies" such as natural disasters, all cash will be kept in circulation, as "Hoarding" is ruinous for any economy.
  18. The present credit system causes constant inflation, the only way to correct these problems is to make sure the system is organized in such a way that the money is kept in circulation..
  19. Every month a strict account will be made up, stating state income and state expenditure. To do this means all the money must be accounted for.
  20. "OUR LEADER" will carefully monitor any possibility of fraud or extravagance, as this is really a form of robbing the state.
  21. He also will end the practice of "State Occasions", as this is wasted money, as well as of his valuable time.
  22. We can "engineer" financial crisis by simply taking our capital out of circulation. The state has no alternative but to borrow this cash back from us at huge cost to its self. Remember we control the stock exchanges.
  23. We have always let much less money to circulate than the masses need; therefore they are always fighting their leaders for more. The answer is to allow the amount of currency in circulation to strictly correspond to the needs of its people. To do we use a thing known as "Bank Rate Control"
  24. The gentile governments tried to fix "the gold standard" and ignore the law of "Supply and Demand", to their cost. We took all the gold out of circulation. The result was we are " back in the drivers seat." 

  26. Once we can keep strict records on productivity and the birth and death rate, only then we will be able to keep strict control on the amount of cash in circulation; there is no other way to get financial stability.
  27. Now you can understand why it is so important to be able to keep accurate records.
  28. By having one "Despotic Leader" only, is it possible to distribute the nations wealth fairly amongst its people without "fear or favor."
  29. All budgets of income and expenditure must always be maintained in balance. So because the money handled by criminals "at best" could only be estimated, if for this reason only, crime must be "Obliterated".
  30. We shall explain to the gentiles, these changes must be made to correct the mess the worlds money system is in. Any who are capable, will be able to understand, as this time we can tell them the truth.
  31. Although for our own reasons, we introduced this system of credit to the gentiles in the first place. We "will not" tolerate any debt in our "New World Financial System".
  32. Loans always hang like a sword over the borrower head, foreign loans are even worse. It is almost impossible to shake them off, as in reality this is a concealed form of voluntary blood letting.

  34. A loan borrowed on say 5 % interest rate, means every twenty years the state returns the full amount borrowed in interest alone. Yet nothing was paid off the sum borrowed, so payment will goes on forever.
  35. What makes things even worse, "this money is taken from the taxpayer and exported", so the state must borrow again from the "Foreigner Bankers" to replace the money it should have used from the taxpayer.
  36. On the other hand, if the state only spends what it collects in taxes its accounts will always stay under control.
  37. None of the leaders or their governments understands the great importance of "Economic Discipline". So we lend and they borrow, until it is quite impossible for them to ever get out of debt.
  38. With our government, we will loan money only when necessary at 1 % interest and this to large companies who can easily afford this interest and repayments.
  39. We will take over all the stock markets and discontinue them, as this will give us complete control of all matters of finance. The financial world is only there to support the "Idle Rich", at the expense of the poor.
  40. "The "stupidity of the gentiles" go on borrowing from us at ever increasing rates. They should try to repay the loans and restrict themselves to spending only the money they collect from the taxpayers.
  41. Our mental superiority is proven because they let themselves get in debt to us. We are "laughing all the way to the bank", and to add, "insult to injury" private citizens are also beginning to borrow from us.
  42. All these financial abuses will be stopped when our time comes. No more will we allow this "legal thievery", once our kingdom rule is established.
  43. It will be impossible for anyone from the "lowest" of our subjects right up to our "DESPOT", to divert the "smallest" amount of money without being found out.
  44. "To rule is a serious business". No more, will things be "manipulated" for undisclosed purposes.
  45. The practice of "pomp and ceremony" for no other purpose than to boost "flagging egos" will stop. Our watch word will be "ruthless efficiency"
  46. Only because of the gentiles "astonishing industrial ability", have they been able to stay afloat this long.


  1. "I have finished with foreign loans", they have made us wealthy, and our state will only use internal finances.
  2. Because the gentile administrators took to the way of "borrowing" because to them it seemed easier, we will never follow their "folly". Our finances will be kept strictly internal, and balanced.
  3. Also the practice of the raising of state loans, and manipulating the prices paid for these, will be a thing of the past.
  4. If these state loans are properly examined, they always increase the crippling state debt.
  5. By good luck the gentiles leave money they have loaned their governments, if they didn't countries financial state would become immediately obvious.
  6. As for now, if things don’t go our way, we call in all our foreign loans, thus financially destroying them.
  7. As all countries are in reality, "bankrupt", it proves their rulers have no real interest in their subjects.
  8. When loans borrowed internally are due for repayment, the government must borrow more from us to meet these commitments. Thus to maintain their credibility they get deeper in debt.
  9. This is the way gentile governments patch up the "leaks" in their state finances.
  10. When we take over, there will be no raising of prices, as "The Money Markets" will be disbanded. This means money will be kept at a constant value, by law.
  11. Money will then be controlled by government credit institutions. Their job is to fix true industrial values, and they will be supported by our limitless wealth.


  1. I have been explaining to you our plans as to what we intend happening in the near future and how we have been preparing for it all these years, yet there is still more to tell you about.
  2. The only real money always was, and always will be, is "Gold". We have vast amounts on call, and can bring it into service in less than two days notice.(That was in 1905)
  3. "God chose us to rule the world", and because he allowed us to acquire such great wealth and this proves it. We have had to commit many horrendous crimes to get in this position, but the end always justifies the means.
  4. With discipline we will be able to solve "all the worlds' problems", because we will be the first all-powerful "despotic" government, we will do it without those endless debates, and then "all knees shall bow before us".



  1. People will need time to get used to this drastic change. So we will encourage individual craftsmanship, as people working small industries are bound more closely to the state, and are more responsible for individual conduct.
  2. All gentiles respect "brute power", as any kindness shown to them, is taken as weakness in their eyes.
  3. Our despot ruler will stamp out the "fire of lawlessness"; to do this these existing secret societies must be destroyed. Then we can build a new system of loyalty and obedience to the "new order".
  4. Our despot, the "chosen one" of God, will stamp out crime and rule by reason alone.
  5. After all this is achieved, the people of the earth will bow humbly before him. He was "sent by God" to put right all the wrongs of the earth, and free us from the forces of evil.


  1. We now re-establish the throne of "King David" on earth once more.
  2. This creates "Basic Conservatism" as directed by our "Learned Elders"; these "Eminent Thinkers" our "LEARNED ELDERS" will be responsible for the education of the whole earth.
  3. Respected members of the tribe of "David" will select our rulers not by heritage, but by their capability to rule, those thus chosen will be taught all the secrets of good government.
  4. These carefully chose all the knowledge and conclusions gathered throughout the centuries. Our government cannot be trusted to leaders who have "any doubt" as to their obligations.
  5. If softness is shown in any direct heir, he will be passed over as unsuitable for leadership.
  6. Our "Learned Elders" as the "King makers" will only consider only those who show firm, even cruel traits.
  7. If any ruler fails through health or weakness of will, in his responsibilities, he must understand that he must immediately hand over the "Reigns of Power" to his designated successor.
  8. The "Ruler's" plans will be kept secret, even from his closest confidants.

  10. Only the "King" and the three "Learned Elders", who chose him, will know what is planned for the masses.
  11. As the "Despot Rulers" intentions are unknown, everyone will realize the fate of humanity lies in his hands.
  12. To take on such responsibilities the "Despot Ruler" must be of sound judgement, only after extensive examinations by our "Learned Elders" will he then be permitted to ascend the throne.
  13. Although the immense power he wields will always be emphasized, " never the less," he will appear approachable, and converse with the different classes of his subjects to ensure popularity and loyalty.
  14. It is important for "The Ruler" that terror and loyalty are fused into one personality.
  15. The "KING OF THE JEWS" must control his emotions at all times, on this his authority depends.
  16. To stand on the "Throne of David" as supreme "Lord of the earth", means the sacrifice of all personal inclinations, and nothing less is worthy of all the strenuous efforts of the "Chosen People".
  17. We will do anything necessary to see the reputation of our "Despot Leader" never comes into question.

"THIS CONCLUDS THESE PAPERS", first translated from the Russian in 1905, up dated 1999. If they are genuine, all of us believers must pray for Salvation, by the intervention of our Savior.

 Again: (N. 3.)

You are earnestly requested to copy these papers and pass them on to some other seekers of truth. (D. M. H.)