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This occured in Valantines, Virginia, in November of 1984.

It was the day before Thanksgiving. I had no job, no money, and a wife and three children. I helped the elderly lady out next door all the time doing odd jobs and things.

I wanted to go hunting and bring home a turkey, or something special for Thanksgiving, but I had no gun. So I asked Ms. Morre if I could use one of the ones she had over the mantel by the fireplace and she let me.

I left in the afternoon, and started walking into the woods. I had walked for hours and it had started to snow and was getting dark. I knew I needed to turn around and go back but I was lost. It was getting darker and the snow was falling harder and I was becoming scared.

I came upon a creek and knew I had to cross but it was too deep and cold. I found a stick and put the gun against the tree and started probing the creek... nothing... it was way too deep and I was freezing. I was so scared.

All of a sudden I heard a man say, "Hey, over here." I looked up and he was waving to me to follow him. I turned around and grabbed the shotgun and when I turned back he was gone -- not a sound.

I walked to where he was and there was a shallow rock bed, so I went across and up the hill. Amazingly, I was home.

I took the shotgun back to Ms. Morre and I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a picture of the same man who had waved to me and given me directions back home. I asked where he was and she said he had been dead for10 years. I was shocked.

That angel brought me home and saved my life. It snowed over 3 feet that night.

The next morning the people at church came to our home with more food than you could imagine.

-- Sam Watkins, Virginia

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