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I don't want to take credit for any poems that I didn't write. So here is the poem exactly the way I received it from Heartwarmers.

Dear Heartwarmers4u:
I am a high school administrator in South Florida. I love to send motivational/inspirational things to the staff.
Recently I sent the following poem that I found on a Heartwarmers
Award site ( and got the response which
follows from a teacher.
-- Lou Blakeley, Riverdale High School, Ft. Myers, Florida


I would rather have one little rose
From the garden of a friend
Than to have the choicest flowers
When my stay on earth must end.

I would rather have one pleasant word
In kindness said to me
Than flattery when my heart is still
And life has ceased to be

. I would rather have a loving smile
From friends I know are true
Than tears shed round my casket
When this world I've bid adieu.

Bring me all your flowers today
Whether pink, or white, or red;
I'd rather have one blossom now
Than a truckload when I'm dead.

Response from Lou's colleague...

Dear Lou:
My grandmother Edwards carried this poem in her purse all her life and
none of us knew it until her funeral three years ago. She requested it be
read them. Boy, if you don't think some people (family members) really
felt bad. I don't regret doing one thing for her, or the trips of 20 plus
hours of driving to see her. I still miss her; but she is a flower that
will ever bloom and she sure wasn't or ever will be "artificial." Thanks
for the reminder.
-- Jeannie McNeal

Thanks to Heartwarmers for this Heartwarming poem


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