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As I walk the road which everybody has,
I have a leader which only a lucky few have.
He will help me over it,yes this I know!
He does not make it easier, just continually coazes me on
and thogh a road be more glamorous we take the laborous one

When I come to a decision and know not which path to take
He will be there to direct my paths so I will be without mistake.
Though I may not follow Him, and decide to mine own way
He is always there with a forgiving hand to show me the right way.
Knowing my destination keeps me singing in hard times
but those that I see who do not, bring a tear to my eye

Sometimes I meet a passer-by and urge him on our way.
For when I do such a wonderful thing it brings joy to my Lord's face.
My journey will be cumbersome,tougher than I'd perceive,
but I know the One who guides me on, is not about to leave.
There are many trials and tribulations, I will get through, certainly not by chance.
I will get through these solely,by His love and divine guidance.

by: Yours Truly

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