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Can one really define this entity, this thing, which has so many
meanings. Most of which you can only feel but can't explain. Here I
sit searching for the words that could best desribe what it means to
me, and I realize, that I am just fooling myself. For this is
something I can't even put into words. Something so wonderful,
beautiful, awesome in it's greatness, that it goes beyond human
comprehension. This is how I feel about my friendship with you. Each
day you bless me with your friendship, I feel as if I am on the
highest mountain looking down on the rest of the world, flying high
in the sky like a bird, exalting in the freedom of being carried by
the wind. But at the same time, it's frightening, knowing that someone
has such power over me, the power to hurt as well as heal. Without
risk, life wouldn't exist, and without life, no friendship, so I
freely give you that power over me, if it means you will be my friend
forever and always.

Written by my good friend ~Chrissy

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