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"Bringing the Positive to the Forefront

What is Rita?

We believe in the power of art. Perhaps no other mendium has as much influence on society as its cultural and fine arts. It behooves those artists and performers who wield such power to do so responsibly, with an aim to better society, not to feed its baser cravings. Therefore, we believe that positive, uplifting art will not only entertain and enlighten others, but it will also raise their sights, lift them to a higher plane, spark desires to strengthen character. By focusing on this caliber of art, we can do our small part to make the world a little bit better.

The Responsibility in the Arts Foundation was formed for the purpose of supporting, enlisting support and assisting in creating, developing and promoting worthwhile and uplifting new artistic works. It is our hope to establish a means for individuals and organizations to obtain such support for wrothy projects in the arts. We adopt the phrase: "If there is anything virtuous, lovely or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things."

It is the Foundation's intention to offer grants and awards, sponsor and/or produce programs and projects, and offer support to various artists and establishments who may apply or who we seek out to recognize for new artistic porjects which embody traditional moral and ethical values.

The RITA Foundation is a valuable resource to new artists who wish to produce quality art of a higher standard in all disciplines including: Literary, Media, Performing, Visual, and Interdisciplinary Arts.

Annual Membership

Individual - $25.00
Private Business - $50.00
Franchise or Public Stock Company - $100
Members will recieve a Membership Card good for discounts on RITA sponsored events, a Quarterly Newsletter, Notification and Applications for Granting and Sponsorship Porgrams and exclusive Internet access to the Artistic Resource Directory when available.

Sponsorship Program

Art cannot fulfill the measure of its creation without being employed to enhance and enrich the lives of others. The RITA Foundation's Sponsorship Program will be instrumental in bringing new artistic works to fruition.

Each year applications will be reivewed and at least one performing arts project will be selected for the Sponsorship Program. Sponsoring may include producing, funding up-front production costs, securing a facility, publicizing, soliciting patrons and future producers for the project. The RITA Foundation may also contract with needed professionals to direct, design, construct, organize, and otherwise perpare the performance for presentation. Works of art may be commissioned under the Sponsorship program as well. All proceeds from sponosred events will be used to fund future RITA Foundation programs.

Building a Directory

As a valuable service to our members, the RITA Foundation is working to create and maintain a directory of artist, patrons of the arts and other artistic resources to be accessed through the Internet.

This will be a place where emerging artists can connect with the people and resources that can assist them in building their dreams. We believe it's "who you can reach" not just "who you know" that makes the difference.

Granting Oppurtunities

The spiritual creation of art occurs when an idea forms in the artist's mind. However, new artists often lack the resources for the physical creation. It is here that the RITA Foundation hopes to be of assistance.

Each year two grants will be offered to assist artists in completing wrothy projects--an Honor Grant and a Merit Grant. The Honor Grant is a self-perpetuating grant which requires a good-faith pledge by the recipient to repay the foundation the amount granted if and when the project brings a profit. The Merit Grant carries no such requirement.

Grants will be awarded to applicants chosen by a select panel of artistic experts from all disciplines. The panel will make its selection based on detailed criteria of artistic quality and uplifting content.

Reaching Our Goals

As a newly-formed organization, the RITA Foundation is entirely dependent on donations from individuals an businesses who support RITA's aims to better society through responsible art.

Building a broad membership base is one way in which we hope to strengthen our resources, along with personal solicitations, selective mailings and Internet and other awareness programs. The RITA Foundation also plans to host benefit dinners, concerts and performances as well as hold an annual art auction for the purpose of securing financial support for RITA programs.

Donations and revenue from RITA sponsored events will make it possible for us to set up an endowment fund to insure that the Foundation's purposes will carry on long into the future.

It is our goal to extend RITA's influence to help artists of all disciplines throughout the nation to reach their potential by involving individuals, businesses and communities in an effort to support positive, uplifting art for the betterment of society in our country.

If you would like to be apart of this worthy endeavor, please print and fill out the membership application and mail it to today with your membership fee and/or contribution to the RITA Foundation. The all-volunteer staff will see that every donation will driectly reach as many artists as possible, and help to bring more positive, uplifting art to the forefront. Through the generosity of good people everywhere, we feel confident that RITA will reach its goals.

For more information contact: Kari Skousen at (909) 696-7019 or email at

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