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ITZ JAMZ (A Hanson fan's page)

NOTE: YOU MAY HAVE TO HIT THE "RELOAD" BUTTON...THANKX! Hello!! Welcome to my Hanson Page. Please E-Mail me with any suggestions on how to make my page better. Please read on and enjoy!! And always remember: Hanson Rules!!!! I'd be very surpirsed if you have never heard of Hanson. just in case, they are a (GREAT) band which consists of 3 brothers. Isaac(17), Taylor(14), and Zac(12). They live in Tulsa,OK. The Hanson family is made up of 2 loving parents, and 7 children. If you didn't notice, I used the first letter in each name of the children(in order of birth) as the tittle for my page. Now that I've probably bored you to death (if you're even reading this) lets get to the reason you came here: HANSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look for them on: Oprah-Feb.16, ABC in Concert (hanson & BSB)-Feb.20 Grammys-Feb.25, The Grammys-Feb.25, (we wish them the best of luck...they diserve it)

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