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The Inhumanoids Archive

Hello and welcome to the Inhumanoids Achive, the very first web-site devoted entirely to Inhumanoids. If you're included anywhere within the beloved Gen. X category, you might remember the brief but entertaining life of the Inhumanoids cartoon in 1986. It was basically about three gigantic monsters, the Inhumanoids, who were accidentally released from their imprisonment within the Earth. Once released it's up to a small team of scientists, the Earth Corps, and some other bizzare creatures, the Mutores(who originally had imprisoned the Inhumanoids), to stop them from destroying the Earth. Oh, and please excuse the sloppy organization - this page has just recently began and is far from complete, so check back often.

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Inhumanoids is copyright 1986 to Hasbro Inc. and Marvel Productions Ltd, and is distributed by Sunbow Productions International. This is a non-profit, fan-produced archive of material, and is in no way associated with any of the above companies. If you donít believe me and want to sue me anyway, then let me go ahead and let you know that the only thing you would get would be an old cardigan and a pair of chuck taylorís. (no really, thatís all that Iíve got) AnywayÖ.