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Welcome to Dark Seam's Infectious Grooves shrine

This site is dedicated to one of the best (however little known) bands of the
1990's.  Now, most people have never heard of Infectious Grooves.  How
would one describe them?  Think of it as though Parliament Funkadelic and
Metallica (back when they were cool) got together and made an album.  This
is the Infectious Grooves.

Anyone who knows Infectious Grooves knows it's lead man Cyco
Miko Muir. He is the frontman for Suicidal Tendencies and a
band named after himself, "Cyco Miko".  Suicidal Tendencies was one of the
great speed metal bands of the 80's and early 90's. Last year they
went on tour again and everyone I know (except me) saw them.  Lucky
bastards.  One friend of mine told me he actually talked to Mike Muir and
shook his hand.

Of course, we can't forget Robert Trujillo, who co-wrote almost every song
Infectious Grooves has ever done.  Robert was also in Suicidal Tendencies,
for a few albums.  I'm not exactly sure which, but I've got them all, so I'll go
and check later. 

Anyone who knows Infectious Grooves also knows of their reptilian creation,
Aladdin Sarsippius Sulemenagic Jackson the third.  Think James Brown on
crack.  That's all I got to say about that.

If you want to buy some Infectious Grooves albums, happy hunting.  I had to
special order mine.  Don't worry, though.  There's only four albums.  I
recommend Sarsippius' Ark.  It's my favorite of the four.  "This sh!t will blow
the jam out your toes... make your boogers go south for the winter."

Just remember.  "It's not where you're from, it's where you're going."






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