Guitar Links

Why guitars are better than people.

Guitar Sites!

The Essential Guitar Guide

Chord Melody Method

Robert Church explains The Number System! Excellent ear-training tips!

Guitar 4 U!

A jazz improvisation primer!

Martin Taylor Guitar Site! Click on "Guitar Lesson"!

Mel Booker Music - Funky Blue Fusion!

Dansm's HomePage - Guitar tips, scales, modes, chords

Harmony Central - lyrics, chords, tab

Guitar - Getting Started

Guitar FAQ

Another guitar FAQ page

Music Theory Page from MiBaC

Guitar Notes

Learning the Fretboard

Band Links!

The Hi-Lites Band

Captain Cook And The Coconutz! - Fins to the Left . . .

The Main Event - Beach Music and variety dance music

Angelfire - Free Home Pages

Click Here To Learn to play guitar!

Please let me know of any other guitar links that belong on my list! Now go get your guitar and practice!