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By 1953 Bettie was Irving Klaw's top model, featured in photos, films and comic strips. Striporama premiered at the Rialto Theatre, New York - a burlesque revue in which Bettie appears with dancer Lily St. Cyr. The success of the film (produced by Martin Lewis) impressed Irving Klaw so much that he decided to make full-length colour films, too.
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In 1954 Klaw produced Bettie Page in Varietease, again starring Lily St. Cyr and Bettie. In Florida, where Bettie often spent holidays with her sister and posed for local photographers, she met Bunny Yeager, an ex-model then embarking on a new career as photographer.

In 1955 Bettie posed for a Playboy centerfold, photographed by Bunny Yeager. Klaw's second film, Teaseramawas released. The Senate began its investigations into Irving Klaw's sales of photographs that could corrupt young people.


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