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Bettie and her sister Goldie

In 1944 she worked for a while as an English teacher. Then she moved to San Francisco with her sister, to be closer to Hollywood. She wanted to get into pictures.

In 1947 in San Francisco she met her first husband and moved to Pittsburgh with him. Their marriage failed.

Bettie at Hudson River

In the late '40s she went to New York.

Central Park, 1949
With Broadway in mind, she took acting classes, and Began to pose for "camera clubs" and Robert Harrison's "girlie magazines".

In 1951 Bettie was still one model among many, and her real name didn't even appear in captions. Around that time, she met Irving Klaw.

In 1952 Bettie was featured on the cover of Klaw's "Cartoon and Model Parade" No. 53. Unfortunately I do not have a copy of that classic, highly collectible issue, but the following cover will give you a good idea of the kind of magazines Klaw published. Back then, girlie magazines had to pose as humor magazines to avoid pornography laws. I find it unbelievable that a picture of this type could be considered objectionable. I guess I am depraved and unfit for society.

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