ALIASES: Fatback, Stuttsy, Bradley Hilton
DEBUT: January 2001 (ring announcer), March 2002 (manager)
TRAINED BY: Kurt Solo, Corey Edsel, Rob McBride, Jeff Rudd

WRESTLERS MANAGED: the $outh$ide Playas (L.A. Ca$h & J-Money), "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel, GeeStar, Trent Wylde, Kurt Solo, Kingpin, "Slick" Ric Converse, J.T. Sparxx, Kenny James, Main Attraction (Scott Powers & Chris Steele), Nite-Stic Eddie Brown, United Nations of Devestation (Drake Tungsten & Hugh B. Johnson), "Smart" Mark Michaels, Bounty Hunter, Xsiris, the Brazillian Assassin, Brad Attitude, L.A. Wild One, Scotty "Malaki" Mathews, Matt Houston, "Box Office Draw" Mikael Yamaha, Amber O'Neal, "Special K" Krissy Vaine, "G'd Up" Joey Silvia, George Hines (aka Jackie Fulton), "Pretty Boy" Pat Friday, Doctor Ex, Justin Feeche, "Red Hot" Tim Blaze, Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant, Gregory Vercetti, "Madd Trucker" Garry Stevens, The Midnight Express ("Beautiful" Bobby Eaton & "Loverboy" Dennis Condrey), Dr. Love, Tre-G, Donnie Dollar$

The Hostile Youth Project (CWF, April 2002-December 2003): "Slick" Ric Converse, GeeStar, Corey Edsel, J.T. Sparxx, "Nite-Stic" Eddie Brown, "G'd Up" Joey Silvia, Xsiris

The Unholy Empire (NEW, January 2003-June 2003): Kurt Solo, Matt Houston, "Malaki" Scotty Mathews, "Smart" Mark Michaels

The Hostile United Empire (CWF, September 2003-December 2003): Xsiris, Joey Silvia, Drake Tungsten & Hugh "Bad News" Johnson, Kurt Solo & Matt Houston

The HiRollerz (CWF, June 2004-November 2004): Mikael Yamaha & Xsiris

the main image from the CWF website after the Sinister Minister Jim Mitchell and I got the company kicked off the PAX network


American Championship Wrestling Alliance - Graham, NC
promoter: Brooks Roach
debut: January 2001

New Empire Wrestling - Thomasville, NC
promoter: Curtis Perry
debut: July 2001

Ringside Championship Wrestling - Greensboro, NC
promoter: Rob McBride
debut: October 2001

United States Independent Wrestling Federation - Winston-Salem, NC
promoter: Scott Hartman
debut: November 2001

CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling - Burlington, NC
promoter: Jeff Rudd & Danny Wenkel
debut: January 2002

Ultimate Championship Wrestling - Wentworth, NC
promoter: Floyd Lovelace
debut: May 2002

Southern Wrestling Alliance - Huntsville, TN
promoter: Doc Hall
debut: July 2002

Alternative Championship Wrestling - Seagrove, NC
promoter: Jerry McNeil
debut: January 2003

Eastern Wrestling Allstars - Jacksonville, NC
promoter: Art Silvia
debut: March 2003

Appalachian Pro Wrestling - Vale, NC
promoter: Daniel Moses
debut: December 2003

Southern Wrestling Alliance - Westfield, NC
promoter: Garry Semones
debut: June 2004

Atlantic Coast Pro Wrestling - Salemburg, NC
promoter: Tracy Gilbert
debut: February 2005

Carolina Championship Wrestling - Gaffney, SC
promoter: Tony Hunter
debut: May 2005

Coastal Impact Wrestling - Shallotte, NC
promoter: John Steele
debut: August 2005

Getting smashed with a cake on the birthday of the Hostile Youth Project GeeStar looks on as the Brazillian Assassin cowers in fear


1.October 13th, 2002 in Thomasville, NC for NEW: GeeStar & Kurt Solo & Malaki (Scotty Matthews) & Brad Stutts defeat Corey Edsel in 8:48 of a handicap match when Gee pinned Edsel to win the NEW National Title.

2. October 20th, 2002 in Thomasville, NC for NEW: Brad Stutts (replacing Hellshock) & Grease & Brass Munkey & GeeStar defeat Bounty Hunter & Corey Edsel & J-Money& Sweet Diddy in 12:20 when Gee pinned Bounty.

3. November 24th, 2002 in Thomasville, NC for NEW: Corey Edsel defeats Brad Stutts by pinfall in 5:00 following a top rope "Superfly" splash.

4. November 30th, 2002 in Burlington, NC for CWF: Gemini Kid & Mikael Yamaha & CWF Commissioner William L. Cross defeat The Hostile Youth Project (Nite-Stic Eddie Brown & Kurt Solo & Slick Ric Converse & Brad Stutts) in 25:49 of an elimination match when Cross pinned Stutts for the final elimination at the first annual CWF Ultimate Survivor event.

5. January 12th, 2003 in Thomasville, NC for NEW: Brad Stutts & GeeStar defeat the Italian Assassin (Brass Munkey) in 10:09 of a handicap match.

6. January 25th, 2003 in Greensboro, NC for CWF: Rob McBride defeats Brad Stutts by pinfall following a powerslam in 1:01 of a special challenge match held at the Greensboro Coliseum.

7. April 13th, 2003 in Thomasville, NC for NEW: Brass Munkey defeats Brad Stutts by pinfall following the Munkey Wings in 7:11.

8. May 3rd, 2003 in Burlington, NC for CWF: GeeStar & Corey Edsel defeat the Hostile Youth Project (Slick Ric Converse & Brad Stutts) when Gee makes Stutts submit to an STF in 16:16.

9. July 6th, 2003 in Greensboro, NC for RCW: competes in the Rider's Bunkhouse Stampede

10. October 12th, 2003 in Winston-Salem, NC for NEW: The Crew (Brass Munkey & American Steel Ninja & GeeStar) defeats The Unholy Empire (Kurt Solo & Matt Houston & Brad Stutts) when Gee pins Stutts after a shining enziguri in 19:47.

11. October 25th, 2003 in Burlington, NC for CWF: Rob McBride (dressed as Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant for Halloween) defeats Brad Stutts by pinfall in 4:21after hitting him with a chain.

12. November 22nd, 2003 in Burlington, NC for CWF: The Crew (Corey Edsel & Brass Munkey & American Steel Ninja & GeeStar) defeats The Hostile United Empire (Brad Stutts & Drake Tungsten & Kurt Solo & Matt Houston) in 28:23 of an elimination match. Stutts eliminated by Ninja at 16:56.

13. February 28th, 2004 in Jacksonville, NC for EWA: Ric Converse & Bounty Hunter & Matt Magnum & Gluteus Maximus & Brad Stutts versus EWA Heavyweight Champion Scotty Mathews & Brad Attitude & Dover & Ameican Steel Ninja & Joey Silvia eliminaton match ends in a no-contest between Bounty and Mathews. Stutts gets himself intentionally disqualified rather than fight by repeatedly shoving the official and later distracts Silvia causing him to be eliminated via count-out.

14. April 4th, 2004 in Greensboro, NC for RCW: Brian Hall defeats Brad Stutts via submission to a figure four leglock in 14:09 of an "I Quit" match. Had Hall lost, he would have had to quit his band Fair Warning.

15. July 4th, 2004 in Huntsville, TN for SWA: GeeStar & Amber O'Neal defeat Brad Stutts & Mikael Yamaha when Stutts is pinned by Gee after collapsing from exhaustion as O'Neal simultaneously pins Yamaha following a DDT.

16. September 18, 2004 in Burlington, NC: competes in the fourth annual CWF Rumble, eliminated by Number Man

17. October 16, 2004 in Greensboro, NC for RCW: Rob McBride & Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant & Brian Hall defeat Drake Tungsten & Bad News Johnson & Cody Gunn & Brad Stutts in a handicap match when Valiant defeated Tungsten with the sleeper hold. As a result of a pre-match stipulation, Tungsten's head was shaved bald.

18. November 6, 2004 in Burlington, NC for CWF Mid-Atlantic: Rob McBride defeats Brad Stutts by pinfall after a chop. As a result of McBride's victory, Number Man's team got to chose the stipulations for the third annual Ultimate Survivor elimination match.

19. November 20, 2004 in Burlington, NC for CWF Mid-Atlantic: Number Man & Kamikaze Kid & Kid Kazi defeat the Hirollerz (Mikael Yamaha & Xsiris & Brad Stutts) in a "triple jeopardy" reverse elimination Ultimate Survivor match. Stutts pins Number Man for the bout's first elimination.

20. December 5, 2004 in Greensboro, NC for RCW: Rob McBride's nine-month old grandson Dalton Alexander McBride defeats Brad Stutts by pinfall in a matter of seconds after Stutts was KO'd by the baby's grandfather on his mother's side. The bout came about when Rob McBride could not attend his own event due to illness and Stutts proclaimed that he would fight any other member of the McBride family for control of the company. After goading McBride's wife into accepting the match, Stutts named his opponent as McBride's newborn grandson.

21. April 30, 2005 in Wentworth, NC for CWF Mid-Atlantic: "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel & Brad Stutts defeat GeeStar & Brass Munkey by pinfall in 16:57 when Edsel hits GeeStar with the backdrop driver and then drags Stutts on top of her for the pinfall.

22. August 19, 2005 in Burlington, NC for CWF Mid-Atlantic: Brass Munkey defeats Donnie Dollars & Mikael "Box Office Draw" Yamaha & Brad Stutts in a 3-on-1 bunkhouse match by pinning Dollars in 6:13 following a lariat. Ultra Dragon interfered late in the bout and took out Stutts & Yamaha with a dive while Munkey scored the pinfall.

23. August 27, 2005 in Burlington, NC for CWF Mid-Atlantic: The Saints (Mikael Yamaha & Corey Edsel & Brad Stutts) defeat Brass Munkey & Ultra Dragon & Rob McBride in 13:11 when Edsel executes the burning hammer on Munkey and then drags Stutts on top of him for the pin.

the first time I managed the Midnight Express


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