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Dog Personality Profile

To help us place your dog in an environment best suited to its needs, we ask you to complete this questionnaire as completely and as honestly as possible.

Dog's name:________________________ Age:____________ Sex: M / F Altered:__________

Color:______________________ AKC Reg. Y/N Breeder's Name:___________________________

Is your dog primarily a house dog?______________ If not, Why?____________________________

Can your dog be trusted to stay by itself in the house for extended periods of time?_________

If not, Why?______________________________________________________________________________

Can your dog be trusted to stay by itself in a fenced yard?____________________________________________

If not, Why?______________________________________________________________________________

Does your dog jump fences?_________________________ How high?_______________________

Has your dog been kept tied or chained?________________ If so, Why?_____________________

Where does your dog sleep?______________________________________________________________

When is it normally fed?__________________________________


What type and brand of food does it eat?__________________________________________________

Amount / meal:_________________________________________ # of meals per day:______________

Does your dog:

Tear furniture Yes No ?

Chase Cars Yes No ?

Tear carpet Yes No ?

React to Uniforms Yes No ?

Dump trash Yes No ?

Walk on a leash Yes No ?

Bark / Howl Yes No ?

Ride well in a car Yes No ?

Dig (holes in yard) Yes No ?

Chew Yes No ?

Roam Yes No ?

How would you describe your dog? (circle all that apply)

Active    Affectionate    Aggressive    Attentive   Confident   Demanding   Destructive   Easygoing   Fearful    Friendly   Gentle    Happy   Hardheaded   Hyperactive   Independent    Intelligent   Insecure    Loving   Mannerly   Noisy   Obedient One person pet    Passive  Playful    Protective    Quiet    Reserved   Sensitive   Sociable    Stubborn  Submissive    Timid Uncontrollable

Does your dog get along with:

Children Yes No ?

Was your dog obtained from a? (circle all that apply)

Men     Women     Breeder     Gift     Friend     Pet Shop     Animal shelter abandoned/stray     Rescue organization


Does your dog get along with:

Children Yes No ?:

Men Yes No ?

Women Yes No ?

Dogs Yes No ?

Cats Yes No ?

Horses Yes No ?

Cats Yes No ?

Horses Yes No ?

What age was the dog acquired?__________________________________________________________

What would you like to change about your dog? (circle all that apply)

Aggressiveness     Barking     Biting     Chasing     Chewing    Climbing    Digging    Fear of noise   Fighting     Growling Jumping-up     Overprotectiveness     Raiding the garbage    Running away    soiling the floors    Stealing    Howling

Has your dog ever shown any aggressive tendencies? Please explain in detail: ___________________________________


Has your dog ever bitten anyone or another animal? Please explain in detail:____________________________________


Has the dog been obedience trained?_________________ Did it graduate?___________________

Who had the major responsibility of training your dog?___________________________________________________

How does your dog respond to commands? Excellent   Good    Fair    Poor    When he/she wants to

What is the best way to get your dog to listen/obey?  Praise   Treats    Correction   Firm voice   Other_______________________

List any particular fears your dog has: ( thunder, vacuum, etc.) ______________________________________________

Does your dog have any touch sensitivities? If yes please list:_______________________________________________

Is your dog possessive of toys, food, or his people? Please explain:__________________________________________

Has your dog been raised with children? What ages?____________________________________

Has your dog been raised with other animals? What types?_____________________________

Current Veterinarian's name/ address/ phone number:_____________________________________________________

How is your dog's chart listed? Under whose name?______________________________________

Last vaccination date________________________ Heart Worm Test_______________________

Is your dog on heartworm preventative? Yes No Daily Monthly Date last given:__________________________

Does your dog have any past or current health problems? Please list ALL

Has your dog been taught any tricks or commands other than standard obedience commands? List

How long have you owned this dog?_________________________________________________________________

Why are you giving it up?__________________________________________________________________________

Are there any special issues or problems concerning this dog that we should understand?

Owner's name:_____________________________________________________




Send to:

German Shepherd Rescue

P.O. Box 8 ~ Elon College, NC 27244

Phone 336-221-0120 ~ Email

Dedicated To The Care Of Unwanted and Abandoned ~ German Shepherd Dogs.