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Welcome if you are reading this then you have deceided to join up with the U.S.S. GLENNRAVEN an E-mail sim group that is part of the BRAVO FLEET ( fill out the form below and send it in.Then in one to two days you will here from the Captian or from the XO .

Hints: When making your Charecter there are a few things to remmember. Do not use any body from the Startrek do not make a person relaited to any major startek charecters (i.e. James Picard son of Captian Picard and Docter Crusher) try to keep it as real as possible. if you have served on a ship befor and list it as Exp. then i will request that you include E-mail or Web address of the ship(s) you served on thank you.

And Now Welcome Aboard!!

Your name (optinel but helpfull )

your e-mail address

Charecter name


Sex (M / F)


SIM / Roll plaing Exp.

Position you want Choice 1

 If there is any position you would like that is not listed E-mail me at Stillman@pro-client.dePosition you want Choice 2