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Playname : Defending Low Post


this is based on your team playing the team defense.
The 1 has the ball in the corner and is looking to pass to the low post.The 5 defender must front the low post and the 4 must come up from behind and "sandwich" the low post.
The defensive point guard(1) has to apply hard pressure to the point guard to make the pass hard.
The lob must be right on the target if the 5 is to recieve the pass.It`s hard to do if the 5 is sandwiched in by the 4 and 5.After recieving the pass,the 5 is handicapped with a double team.


Hold the low post there for 5 seconds and you got the ball.It`s easier than you may think at the youth level.
The defenders should mirror the ball and spread their feet out for a wider obstacle.If the post gets the ball and you double team him/her,try to "dig" the ball out from underneath,not by reaching in from the side or over the top.


in this case,the 5 should allways defend the lane first,and the passing lane from the perimeter by sticking a arm in front of the post.
Allways apply hard pressure to the ballhandler to make entry passes harder.If the pass is made and the 5 catches the ball,make it so the 5 is going away from the basket and you are in between the ball and basket.


have the corner player(if there is one)double team the post also,or you can use the 2 from the wing.I prefer the 1 from the corner.

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