(Twenty-five Bible facts you need to know about Iraq)

Dr. O. Wilburn Swaim, Th.D

The beginning of the concept of nations is found in Genesis 10: 10. Up until then it was just two family lines, or more specifically, since Noah, three. Genesis 11 shows how God took all the families of the earth and scattered them across the globe (vs. 1,2 9). Chapter 10:31, 32, show the earth was divided according to the tongues (languages), in their nations. Chapter 11 gives the details of how it happened, at Babel. The history of the nations, then, begins with Babel, and ends with the same (Revelation 17, 18).

Peleg means, "to divide." It was in his days that the division took place, a century after the flood

(Genesis 10:25). The bounds of the nations were set according to the chosen nation, Israel (Deuteronomy 32:8).

The perversion of this generation is cited in Romans 1:18ff. Yet, God raised up a testimony to them, in Israel (Exodus 34:10). Nevertheless, Babel (Babylon) must pay for what she did to God’s people, as observed below:

1. God is against her (Jeremiah 50:1).

2. God commands that His plans not be kept secret (Jeremiah 50:2)

3. Her idolatrous religion will be destroyed (Jeremiah 50:2; 51:52; Isaiah 47:12-14). Her boast is in her false religion. Allah is but an ancient god whom Mohammed exalted as a substitute for the True and living God of Abraham (Jeremiah 50:38b; Revelation 14:8; 17:5,6). Babylon, or, Babel, is the mother of all the world’s religions, and the source of all the martyrdom of God’s true servants (Revelation 18:24). She, with her religion, shall be destroyed and the One True God Identified (Jeremiah 51:18, 19)

4. Destruction shall come from the North (Jeremiah 50:3, 9). Due North of Iraq is Turkey, and then Russia. Russia’s allies, involving nations distant from her, geographically, will be included (Jeremiah 50:9, 41; 51:27, 28, 48; Isaiah 13:4, 5). The invasion shall not be futile (Jeremiah 50:10)

5. Iraq shall become a desolate and barren country, devoid of both man and (domesticated) beast (Jeremiah 50:3,12,13, 21-23,26-35,39,40; 51:1-4,26,43; Isaiah 13:19-22; 14:22,23;; Revelation 18:2). Only wild creatures shall inhabit the land (Jeremiah 50:39,40; 5 1:37).

6. The time frame is in the "days" (Heb. Yom {24 hr, or period of time, depending upon the context}), and "time" (Heb. Ayth {The time of an occurrence}), when Israel shall seek the Lord, as one nation (Jeremiah 50:4). Jeremiah 25:1-26 intimates a fulfillment of these prophecies beyond the immediate context of the Babylonian Captivity. The remainder of the chapter shows the destruction to be worldwide—not on Babylon alone. Such utter destruction could only be fulfilled at the battle of Armageddon.

7. It is when they shall seek a real covenant, to replace the one which Antichrist has broken (Jeremiah 50:5,6).

8. It is when the dispersion shall end (Jeremiah 50:6).

9. It is when her adversaries will claim to be doing God’s will, in persecuting Israel; they will claim to be punishing her in behalf of God (Jeremiah 50:7). Note John 16:2.

10. Iraq will be punished because of her persecution and taunting of Israel (Jeremiah 50:11 Isaiah 47:6; Zechariah 2:7, 8). She will be punished for her defilement and robbing of God’s temple (Jeremiah 51:11)

11. As Israel is now the least of the nations, so Iraq shall be in that day (Jeremiah 50:12). But first she must rise to great power in the world! (Jeremiah 50:11, 23; 5 1:13, 25; Isaiah 1 Revelation 18:7, 10, !5a,16-19). Col. Oliver North stated on Fox News Network, on Thursday Night, January 9, 2003, that upon the defeat of Saddam Hussein, the establishment of democracy in Iraq would be a tremendous and immediate success. Unlike our experience in Afghanistan, Iraq’s people are educated and well able to seize hold of democracy and make it work. Could it be that we will succeed in removing Saddam, and Iraq will become a powerful world democratic and capitalistic nation?

12. The wrath upon her shall be unlimited (Jeremiah 50:14, 15; Revelation 18:21-23); total retribution (Isaiah 13:13-19).

13. As Iraq has destroyed the nations by force and cruelty (Jeremiah 51:25), so shall she be. She will be riding high among the nations, but God will surprise her with His destruction (Jeremiah 50:23-25; Psalm 137:8, 9; Isaiah 14:4-6; 47:11). God will use the alliance to do His work. Iraq will even be in an alliance that will destroy Egypt (Ezekiel 32, note verses 11, 12.) Verse15 locates it at the end time.

14. Iraq will be found out in her lie (Jeremiah 50:36), and will act foolishly.

15. Iraq will become weak as women and fall in battle (Jeremiah 50:37, 43; 51:30-32). The nationals shall give up without a fight (Jeremiah 50:16; Isaiah 13:7, 8).

16. Iraq is said to dwell, or reside, upon many waters (Jeremiah 51:13). Many miles from her are the Caspian Sea (to the Northeast), the Black Sea (North), the Mediterranean Sea (West), the Red Sea (a long way across Saudi Arabia, Southwest). The Persian Gulf is immediately to her Southeast, to which she has a small area of access (between the borders of Kuwait and Iran), wherein the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers converge. A flood of waters will devastate her (Jeremiah 51:16, 42, 55), and a destroying wind (Jeremiah 51:1,2). Her waters will be dried up (Jeremiah 50:38a; 51:36). She will then sink in the sand (or, in the Tigris or Euphrates River), and be no more (Jeremiah 51:63, 64). One may not now see the scenario bring all this about, but prophecy does tell us of great earthquakes and phenomena occurring in those days. The topography of the land could change overnight. Interesting indeed is the news report recently released. On the Fox News Network, on January 3 2003, it was announced that an ice burg the size of Texas and Colorado combined, is threatening to break loose (not for about 7,000 years, however). It would raise the level of the world’s oceans 16 feet! In light of the events prophesied for the end times, that kind of thing could happen sooner, and many times over. Note Isaiah 43:19, in context. The statement in Jeremiah 51:13 could also indicate an expansion of Iraq’s territory, as she may invade other nations and conquer them. If she had conquered Kuwait, and then Saudi Arabia, as she planned, she would have gained control of 63% of the world’s oil resources and supply. World economists claim that whoever controls that much of the world’s oil supply, controls the world.

In light of events in Indonesia in the end of 2004, now, in the early part of 2005, we must consider the reality of Tsunamis, and what potential effects such an event might have on Iraq.

17. When Iraq’s trouble comes, she will come against Israel. But, the Lord’ Shepherd will intervene, and Iraq will not be able to stand against Him (Jeremiah 50:4 5)

18. Her fall will be so tremendous that all the nations shall hear it, and feel the effects (Jeremiah 50:46; Revelation 18:15-19)

19. Israel’s sin is blasphemy against "the Holy One of Israel," by interpretation, their Messiah (Jeremiah 51:5).She went into Idolatry, therefore the judgment of Babylon came upon her. She will be cleansed and forgiven (Jeremiah 51:10). Israel shall be totally restored, forgiven and exalted (Jeremiah 50:17-20). This is interesting, in light of Matthew 12:32 "And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man (Ed.note—Israel did this at Calvary), "it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost (Ed. Note—Israel did this, ultimately, in Acts 3:19 – 26, note 4), "it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come." Rightly divided, dispensationally, these passages fit together perfectly. There was no forgiveness in the Fifth Dispensation (in the time of Christ on earth), as there is no forgiveness for Israel, nationally, in this age (the Sixth Dispensation.) However, in the one to come, the Seventh, the millennial kingdom, she will be cleansed and forgiven.

20. Israel is to break off any alliance, or agreements with Iraq, before the judgment falls (Jeremiah 51:6,45; Isaiah 48:20; Revelation 18:4). As the flock would follow the males, so Israel is to lead the way of escape from Babylon (Jeremiah 50:8)

21. Iraq will go beyond the point of any return, and judgment will fall (Jeremiah 51:8,9)

22. At some point, there will be an uprising within Iraq, a power struggle. It will be rumored in one year, and occur in another one (Jeremiah 51:46)

23. No matter how strong Iraq becomes, she will fall (Jeremiah 51:53; Isaiah 47:1,5, 7; Revelation 18:7).

24. Her destruction shall be cause of great rejoicing by God’s people (Revelation 18:20).

25. The Blood of God’s servants will, in the destruction of Iraq and all that pertains to her, beginning from Babel, to be avenged (Revelation 3:9; 19:2).

‘These twenty-five facts are based on the position that modem day Iraq is the successor to all that began in Babel, in Genesis 11, and the recipient of the prophecies directed toward Babylon, as pertains to the latter days.

With the developing democracy in Iraq, Bible believers must take advantage of increasing freedom, to get the gospel to them, and to neighboring countries.

The above prophecies declare coming judgment on that land, for its opposition to Israel. However, individual Arabs and middle Easterners are candidates for salvation. We must get the Gospel to them.

The following Email from Missionary Milad Agoubi, is a wonderful example of the work that is being done already.:

The Amazing Meeting With King Abdullah II

From the moment that I met my wife Cinderella for the first time in Jordan in October 1997 and I got to know her well, she told me about her dream of meeting the King Hussein, the king of Jordan at that time. She was praying for him. She told me that she wanted to meet him to tell him about Jesus. She had shared her feelings with a lot of our Christian brothers and sisters in Jordan who encouraged her to do so despite the difficulty of doing that.

At that time, Cinderella and I were not living in Jordan in a permanent visa. It was very difficult if not impossible to meet the king. Every day I was giving her excuses for not being able to make her wish come true especially after we got married. She continued to ask me about it until the death of King Hussein. Cinderella complained to me that I didn’t help her to meet him and now he is dead and she had lost the opportunity to share with him the message of Christ.

After the death of King Hussein, his son Abdullah became King Abdullah II, king of Jordan. Cinderella started to talk about meeting him to talk to him about Christ. I strongly objected the idea because when we were in Jordan, their government has put us in prison because we shared the message of Christ with Muslims and some of them have converted to Christianity. It looked like Cinderella has forgotten about the subject, but the amazing thing is that God does not forget what people forget about doing because He has His own timing, purpose, and method.

In the new year of 2005, Cinderella traveled to Jordan with Mrs. Karen Carver, the wife of one of the American pastors to participate in a conference of the Iraqi Christian women. The conference was concluded successfully by the grace and blessing of God who used it to encourage the woman participating in it.

On the second day after the conference, there were scheduled visits to some families there, with out reason, those visits were delayed. By what it first looks like a coincident, Mrs. Carver asked my wife if she can take her in a visit to the downtown area of Amman. They took a cap and as they driving, the cap driver told them that King Abdullah II was in an area called Abdoon. Cinderella anxiously asked him "if there is even a slim chance that they can see the king, please, take us there." The driver thinking that they wanted to see the king from a distance told them he could take them. The king was eating at a restaurant with his wife in the that area and there were a lot of security forces and their cars were surrounding the place everywhere so they couldn’t tell which restaurant the king was dining in.

Cinderella heard the voice of the Lord telling her to go to a certain restaurant. Surely, when they went there, they discovered that the king and his wife were eating there and they were sitting in front of them.

In an unusual way, Cinderella ordered a tea and took a paper and pen and started to write the following letter to the king:

To his majesty, King Abdullah II bin Hussein

Thank you for your wise leadership to this country. I wanted you to know the blessing of God in your reign and before that in your father’s reign because of a woman who knew Christ, was reading the Bible, and was praying for you and your father to know Christ. This woman is your grandmother from your father side.

I was praying a lot for you and your father for many years and here is the opportunity for me to tell you about the special message that the Lord gave me to give to you. "The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will." Proverbs 21:1 and today, Christ is telling you " I ma the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me"

There is no other way to God except by Jesus Christ. I would like to encourage you to read the Bible to know the person of Christ and His salvation and pray that Christ enters your heart so you can earn eternal life. You as a king own everything and everything is at your hand, but all of that only gives you a temporary peace, but when Christ enters your heart, you will have a real peace, a bitter life on this earth, and an eternal life in heaven "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." John 14:27

In all the previous, current, and future years, Christ is standing beside you with His love and He is waiting for you with open arms "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

Please read the Bible and especially Psalms 71 and 72 in which you will see the blessings of Lord to the king and if you ask Christ into your heart, you will test the power of those words and their effect in your life.

I am in prayers for you and I want you to make sure that there are a lot of Christian people who will pray for you.

Sincerely Yours

Cinderella Henry

To contact us our number in the states is


After Cinderella has finished writing her letter, King Abdullah II got up from his table along with his wife after they finished eating. As the people in the restaurant still shocked from seeing their king eating with them in the same restaurant surrounded with his security guards, Cinderella got up from her seat and stood before the king and put her hand up to shake the king’s hand and introduced her self to him and started talking to him.

In the way to the house, Cinderella asked the ladies who were with her about what happened and told them that she was nervous and didn’t know what she had said. They answered her and told her that she told the king about his grandmother who became a believer and knew Christ, salvation, and the love of God and much more. Cinderella then told them: Did I talk to the king about all these things?" The ladies answered her: Yes, you did so. You gave the king your letter and asked him to read it with his wife Queen Rania and he promised her to do so.

The Lord has guided Cinderella to that place on that day in an amazing timing and in a miraculous way so that His message will reach King Abdullah II.

Please pray to the Lord that He may put an effect on the King’s heart through this simple letter.

Important comment

Drinking tea in that restaurant cost us 20 dollars

In Christ

Milad Agoubi