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Erik Fan Fiction!

Hello and welcome to the all new Erik Fan Fiction page! As both a reader and writer of Fan Fiction, I thought it would be awesome to have a page dedicated to Erik fan fiction! Fan Fiction is just that- fictional works written by fans like you! Fan fiction can be about anything, a mystery, a thriller, and even a romance! In any event, fan fiction is meant to be a creative way to express our thoughts and feelings of Erik that we might not be able to experience otherwise. Submit writings to and most likely it will end up here at the page! Happy writing!

Love, Shannon

Rules and Tips for Submission

1. Be Creative! Don't just take the typical route of your fantasy meeting with Erik and how you want him to ask you out. While those are welcome for submission to the upcoming Erik Fantasy page(!), try to do something different for the fiction page. Write a mystery, or a action thriller...THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! Let your creativity shine.

2. Keep it clean! Please, in the spirit of this page being a "for all audiences" website, no obscenities and/or vulgarity in the stories you submit. If you do submit a more R rated story, please remember to remind me of it when you submit your story so that I can make light of it when I put it up.

3. Be concise, clear and to the point.

4. And most of all, HAVE FUN! That's what fiction is for, to enjoy ourselves!

Happy Writing! If you have any questions, e-mail me!


note- these stories are written by fans of EVD and the Shrine of EVD, I, Shannon the owner of this page cannot be held responsible for the opinions and writings presented here. If you have a problem with the fiction, take it up with the author. Thanks, and happy reading!

New story alert! New story alert! Brittany's a real sport for sending us this new fan fiction: A Very Merry X-Mas! by Brittany Risner

This story comes from Brittany, titled "An Erik Day!" Check it out, and be sure to send the author some positive feedback!

An Erik Day! by Brittany Risner

A Twist of Fate by SheDeviltr- an awesome story...*warning* the author warns that this story has rated R at your own risk :)