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The New and Improved Webpage!

Hi, I'm Carol Fritchey, aka Elims and/or Orbit, from St.Louis, Missouri.  In a nutshell, I've moved around alot - from MO to PA to NJ to NC. (Link to Johnston County)  I'm now a contractor for EDS as a Systems Administrator for the US Postal Service, doing cc:Mail and Outlook/Exchange Administration and Support.

There's not much here yet, I'm editing it as the mood strikes me (once or twice a year, it seems)!

MY NEW HOUSE! (Completed construction and moved in October, 2002)

Bailey and Willow and Cinder's Page!

NEW! My "adventures" in England and Scotland, March - June, 2001!

Just Arrived! Pictures from Christmas 2000!

Pics of Jason and Tammy's wedding

For a peek into who I am, check out the clues that I have disclosed. This is still in development, so check back often. d:)



Who are they?

One of the most important things in my life are my friends. Here are a few of my favorites' home pages:


Who are you?

I want to know! d:)


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