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Very Helpful Web Sites

Following is a list of very useful web links that may help you during your time of grief, during your case, to obtain information, to understand your rights as a victim, to obtain assistance, to make useful contacts or just to reach out to someone else that truly understands.

US Congress
Mother's Against Drunk Drivers (MADD)
Habit Smart Self Scoring Alcohol Check
National Center for Victims of Crime
National Organization for Victim Assistance
Justice Inf. Center for Victims & Victims' Rights
State, Federal & International Legal Research
OVC Resource Center - Victims Resources

The above link is an extremely valuable resource for any victim of crime. It has a long list of links to sites that deal specifically with crime victims issues and even breaks them down by type of crime.

Insure Kids Now!

GROWW-On Line Grief Support
Clearinghouse of Alcohol & Drug Info.
National Center for Alcoholism & Drug Dependence (NCADD)
Welcome To MADD Land
Lyco Search

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    My husband wore the POW/MIA Bracelet of M/Sgt.Edward Dodge until the day he died. He wore this with the trust and belief that one day he would get the opportunity to give this gift to M/Sgt.Dodge upon his safe return home, finally, and thank him for all he gave. He never got the chance to see that day come to pass. Mike's sons Nikolas & Bryan now carry on their daddy's hope and hold dearly the POW/MIA bracelet that bears the name of M/Sgt.Dodge whom they pray that one day they will finally get the opportunity to give this gift to. Please click on the "All gave some. Some gave all." link below to visit the page they've done to honor M/Sgt.Dodge and pray with them for his safe return home. Thank You!

The hardest part is asking for help....

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