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The Aftermath

The Grief Continues

The following photos were taken more than a year after the fatal crash that took Mike away from us. I hope they will help people to understand that the effects of a tragedy like ours do not simply go away when your loved one is buried. Our pain and grief are still a very prominent part of our everyday lives. Mike's funeral was planned by my children, Mike's parents, his only brother and a close family friend. Due to the severity of my own injuries I was unable to take part in any of the planning for his funeral. I was only able to attend the funeral by ambulance with paramedics present at all times. Unfortunatly, due to the sedation and pain medication most of his funeral was a blur to me. I planned this Memorial Service as my gift to him, as a way of saying goodbye to him and to celebrate the life he had lived.

"God Grant Me The

Serenity To Accept Those

Things I Can Not Change.

Courage To Change Those

Things I Can. And Wisdom To

Know The Difference."


Mike's Grave








Mom & Nikolas Set Up For The Memorial

Boy Scouts Nikolas Hall & Daniel Ligon Prepare To Present The Flags







Bryan Hall Presents A Floral Flag

Bryan Hall Presents A Floral Flag, Nikolas Hall Presents The American Flag & Daniel Ligon Presents The Troop Flag








Bryan Hall Places A Floral

Flag On His Daddy's Grave

Nikolas Hall Places The American Flag On His Daddy's Grave While Evan, Theresa, Nathan and Mr. Poe Stand By Watching






Karen Gray

Reminesceses About Mike

Scouts Daniel Ligon, Evan Lloyd,

Mr. Poe, Nathan Payne, Mr. Lloyd

& Nikolas Hall Salute The

Placement Of The Flags As

Theresa Hall Stands Watching




Lorraine Eldred

Reminesces About Mike



(Alton Wall)


About Mike




Bryan Hall Shares Some

Memories Of His Dad

Theresa Hall Shares Some

Memories of Mike





Pop Recites A Poem He

Wrote In Memory Of Mike

Nikolas Hall Shares His

Memories Of His Dad






Evan Lloyd

Plays Taps

For Mike

Lorraine Sings

With Deep Emotion


Theresa Looks On While Scout Leaders

Mr. Poe & Mr. Lloyd and Scouts Bryan

Nikolas & Nathan Payne Give A Salute

During The Star Spangled Banner



The Scouts






Theresa Is Comforted By Her Brother

Tommy Following The Memorial Service

While Michael Gray Talks To Them

Evan Lloyd

Sounds The

Call To




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        Mike & Theresa's Song

        Every year of our marriage on January 3 rd for our Wedding Anniversary Mike would call the radio station and dedicate this song to me with love.