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My Vietnam Photo Album

The following photographs were taken by or of me while I served in South Vietnam. I was with Companies D + E, 3rd Battalion 187th Airborne Infantry, 101st Airborne Division from Nov 69 thru Aug 70. I was in and around Camp Evans, I Corp. from the coast to the mountains. Some are old and faded or discolored, but aren't we all after 30 years.

Updated on March 9, 2003

Front door of orderly room E Company 3/187th at Camp Evans. Note the sandbags. I had a small sleeping area in back

Two company clerks in Co. E orderly room. Can anybody name them, would like to put names.

My little room in the back of the building. The NC flag was from a brother, M-16 from Uncle Sam, brief case was for paperwork. Yea, even in Nam you needed one.

Got this poster when I came back to states, but it fits here.

Co. E mortar pits and FDC near Camp Evans perimeter.

Fallen Brothers remembered

May we never forget them

A little food during a stand down. Co D 3/187th

1st Sgt Anthony P. Tufts, Co D 3/187th

Me and a couple of guys from my new platoon. SP4 Richard Hutchins on right.

Cpt Richard Crites on firing range during stand down training

Me using the radio during firing range training

Self photo of an ugly guy....Me !

Just standing around during training.

Getting our gear ready to head back out to the bush

At the pad waiting to go back to the field

The division work horse. UH-1 HUEY

Back to the bush.

Green smoke for inbound supply copter. Defensive position at Song Bo bridge south of Evans

Song Bo railroad bridge

Hot food always brings smiles.

Did a little traveling by vehicle. This is one of guard post on bridge over Song Bo River

Transport to Eagle Beach, the main in country R&R facility for the 101st Airborne

A landing craft headed in as we head to Eagle Beach. It's carrying a tanker truck.

At the beach waiting forrest of company to arrive.

The Eagle Beach mess hall

Lt Ballard

The Eagle Beach guard tower

Me in much better days....Still have that hat, it has a hole in it.

A little live entertainment at Eagle Beach

Getting better!

Better Still !!

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