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Jedi Knight:Dark Forces 2 MP/SP Levels

Below are 2 lists, the first list is of Multiplayer levels, and the Second of Singleplayer, for the game Jedi Knight:Dark Forces 2.


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Jedi Pool

Jawa Dwelling SE

Jedi's High School (very popular)

Drazen Isle (very popular)

Hovertrain Repair Yard

Duel of the Fates SE

Imperial Shopping Mall

Padawan Complex

Bespin Terminal

The Jedi's Haven

The Temple of the Ancient Jedi

Sky Fight

Lightsaber Training Grounds

Asteroid Mine

Wampa Hangout

The bored Level

Imperial Power Plant


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Imperial Colony

Dead Reckoning

The Phantom Menace Final Battle (revised)

Legends of the Force: Journey to the Zelaskata Mountains

Remnants of the Empire 2:Lost Base on Hoth

Remnants of the Empire 3:Desert of Tatooine

Legends of the Force: Darth Maul vs. Qui Gon Jinn,

Dark Emporer

The Temple on Yavin 4 (demo)

Myth of the Kaiburr Crystal