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Hafa Adai! and Aloha! from the Reyes-Camacho Family.

We are Caesar M. and Josie L.R. Camacho.
We have three children. They are:
Calvin, Cianna & Caelia

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Caelia Jai Reyes Camacho

WELCOME!!! We are in the process of updating this website. Enjoy what is currently on this site until the updates are completed. We thank you (ahead of time) for dropping by. Please come back and visit again soon for the updates.

We are here on this tiny little Island called "Guam". If you haven't been here before, then you should consider it a possible travel destination for your next Vacation. There are nice sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets. It's summer all year long and the stars are beautiful to look at in the evening.

Caesar and I both Graduated High School in 1992. He is an alumnus of Wai'anae High School on Hawaii. I am an alumnus of John F. Kennedy High School on Guam. He played football for Waianae and I played soccer for J.F.K.
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GO Sea Riders! / GO Islanders!

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